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We are specialist manufacturers of industrial catering equipment and we have extensive expertise with stainless steel kitchen fabrication.

We carry out stainless steel kitchen fabrication from working with drawings or verbal instructions. We help with the design and layout of your project from conception to completion.

Commercial Catering Stainless Kitchen Design

We provide commercial catering stainless kitchen design.

Our innovative and informed commercial catering stainless kitchen design can be fabricated from your design, your colours and your materials. Specials are made to your requirements and specifications.

Industrial Kitchen Design Fabrications

For industrial kitchen design fabrications, we provide the complete service.

Our services for industrial kitchen design fabrications include custom-made work stations fabricated to your exact design requirements using the specified materials, thickness, style and finish.

Stainless Steel Sinks and Tables

As well as complete bespoke kitchens, we also design and fabricate stainless steel sinks and tables.

With the design and fabrication of stainless steel sink and tables, all items are made to your exact size specifications.

Industrial Catering Dishwash Tabling

We also provide a comprehensive service for industrial catering dishwash tabling.

For industrial catering dishwash tabling, we cater for dishwash tabling built into cupboards. For more information, visit our website.

Industrial Catering Extract Canopies

We manufacture industrial catering extract canopies.

All materials for industrial catering extract canopies are 20g S/S 304 grade and both wall mounted and island canopies with baffle filters and grease collecting trays are available.

Industrial Catering Servery Counters

We manufacture industrial catering servery counters in a wide range of materials.

We manufacture industrial catering servery counters from all stainless steel construction, to a mixture of stainless steel, granite, corian, marble and other materials.

Industrial Catering Hotcupboards

As well as industrial catering dishwash tabling, extract canopies and servery counters, we also specialise in the fabrication of industrial catering hotcupboards.

We manufacture both mobile and static hotcupboards, with bain marie or hot top/ceran hot plates. Depending on your requirement, they can be stand alone or built into a counter or existing unit.

Industrial Catering Cold Wells

Our vast services and capabilities also cover industrial catering cold wells and multi-tier displays.

Our industrial catering cold wells and multi-tier displays can be fitted into mobile units, counters and existing units in conjunction with hot sections in counters and stand alone island units.

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