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We are specialists in combustion engineering with many years of experience and a market leading dedication and skill base.

With our combustion engineering, we understand the complex variables associated with combustion. For combustion engineering, we provide our customers with application-specific engineered solutions and services for optimised combustion system performance.

Combustion Regulators

Within our extensive variety of combustion products, we have many differing options and specifications for combustion regulators. Our regulators are designed and manufactured to the highest possible standard and all possible requirements are catered for.

  • Pressure-reducing gas regulators
  • High pressure regulators
  • Gas pressure regulators
  • Differential pressure ratio regulators
  • Air/gas ratio regulators

Combustion Valves

Also included in our wide range of combustion products is varying and diverse options in combustion valves. We only ever produce the highest quality, impeccably manufactured combustion products.

These standars are reflected in our combustion valves:

Combustion Burners

For the most comprehensive and quality-guaranteed options for combustion burners, our services are unbeatable. We have 185 standard models of combustion burners and we also provide a custom burner design service.

Further features include:

  • Fuels: gas, oil, and combination
  • Premix and nozzle mix
  • Regenerative and recuperative
  • Lowest emissions
  • Oxidants: cold air, preheated air, oxygen, oxygen-enriched, direct-fired and radiant tube

Combustion Blowers

Our leading array of combustion products also includes a multitude of options in combustion blowers. Our combustion blowers come as single or multi-stage and are equipped with filters/silencers.

Further features include:

  • Direct, coupled, or belt drive
  • Hot air

Combustion Aluminium

The Aluminium industry today continues to improved performance across a wide range of thermal systems. Fives is well positioned to adress these needs with an emphasis on improved fuel and melter efficiency.

The aluminum industry today is focused on  improving performance across a wide range of thermal  systems spanning melting furnaces, holding furnaces, homogenizing furnaces, sow dryers/preheaters, annealing furnaces, solution heat treat furnaces, aging furnaces, ingot reheat furnaces, tilting rotary furnaces, filter box heaters and refractory dry-out systems.

The drivers  for investment today include improving  fuel efficiency for  lower CO2 emissions, enhanced melting performance, lower  NOx and CO emissions, and In-furnace POC cleanup.

Fives designs tailor-made superior solutions to address today’s drivers.

Combustion Steel

The flat product steel industry today continues to look to improved performance across a wide range of thermal systems. Fives is well positioned to address the needs with an emphasis on improving production and reducing emissions.

The steel industry today is focused on improving performance across a wide range of thermal systems for upgrading the combustion systems of steel process furnaces such as continuous annealing lines, galvanizing lines, annealing and pickling lines, strip preheating, strip drying, edge heating, Strip cooling, batch annealing, indirect fired applications, direct fired applications, upgrading reheat and preheating furnaces, soaking pits and plate and slab heat treatment furnaces.

The investments today are directed toward improved production, optimum efficiency, and low NOx and CO emissions. Fives offers a wide range of superior combustion solutions to address these drivers.


Industrial Boilers

Steam generators are used for numerous industrial applications and processes (sugar plants, paper mills, tire manufacturing, breweries, fertilizers, transformation chemistry, etc.). The combustion system is a key component of boilers and has specific requirements. And the key factors of success are compatibility with existing systems, low emissions, energy costs and the equipment's capacity for upgrades.

As a company recognized in the combustion sector, Fives has developed solutions for innovative custom and combined-cycle steam boiler systems that offer both environmental performance and energy efficiency, positioning Fives as a key player in Europe and the Americas.

The patented combustion techniques used in the Pillard and North American range of solutions provide low-NOx and carbon monoxide emissions.

The capacity to use non-commercial or lethal fuels results in significant reductions in the equipment's energy cost and thus a faster return on investment.

The solutions are specially designed to be installed in current systems and can be continuously adjusted to keep up with technological and environmental advances.

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