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RubberBond™ FleeceBack EPDM, exclusively distributed by Flex-R Ltd in the UK & Ireland, is manufactured by Carlisle-Syntec™ of America and only available & installed by trained independent Approved Local Contractors.

Flex-R Ltd has built up a water-tight reputation in the market for synthetic single-ply membrane roofing systems. Our company is specialised in the development, production and sales of waterproofing systems and is enjoying a constant, dynamic growth. In our range Carlisle products play a prominent role, combined with our excellent price/quality relation and our motivated team of employees we offer a unique solution providing architects, roofers, contractors and property owners 100% security for a water tight result.

In order to easily service all customers, Flex-R Ltd. has huge stocks of RubberBond FleeceBack EPDM membranes and accessories for fast, efficient delivery from our two national distribution centres.

Flat Roofing Systems

Flat Roofing Systems: Carlisle pioneered EPDM roofing membranes more than 50 years ago and has established a strong track record of superior product durability and long-term weather resistance. We have expanded that expertise and become the world’s leading supplier of roofing membranes.

As a testament to the pure value and long-term performance advantages of the FleeceBACK system, Carlisle selected FleeceBACK to protect its own corporate facilities covering almost half a million square feet. To date, Carlisle has produced over 10 billion square feet of roofing membrane including 160 million square feet of FleeceBACK membrane, Carlisle’s puncture resistant membrane introduced 18 years ago.
EPDM is well known for its superior UV and ozone-weathering performance. Durability assessments of roofing membranes found EPDM as “the only membrane with no reduction in flexural fatigue resistance for all tests/ locations.” A recent study of aged EPDM showed that after 26 years of real world exposure, EPDM still retained excellent tensile strength, tear resistance and weathering resistance. EPDM just doesn’t get brittle with age.
Flat Roofing Systems

Weather Resistant Rubber Roofing

Weather Resistant Rubber Roofing  : RubberBond™ FleeceBack™ is not affected by extremes of temperature. Installations are in varied climates - from the glaring sun of the Middle East to the freezing cold of Siberia and Alaska.

RubberBond™ rubber roofing is not degraded by ultra violet or ozone as again witnessed by the many installations in hotter climates such as the Middle East.
Weather Resistant Rubber Roofing

Green Roofing

Green Roofing & Grass Roof Solutions : Greenroofs are an age old solution to arid urban environments, nowadays they are increasing in popularity due to the many benefits never being more relevant:

Slow run off to assist local SUDS planning and flood defences
Remove CO2 and harmful pollutants from the atmosphere.
Mitigate the Urban Heat Island effect.
Regulate internal building temperatures.
Release water naturally through transpiration, improving water quality.
Create new wildlife habitats for marginalised species.
Improve building energy efficiency
Protect the roof from the elements and prolong its life.
Improve thermal insulation lowering fuel bills significantly.
Add value to a property.
Insulate acoustically, reducing noise levels by up to 8db.
Create new leisure space.
Improve the quality of our urban centres and our lifestyle.
Improve productivity in the workplace.
Green Roofing

Roof Terraces and Balconies

Roof Terraces and Balconies : Roof terraces and balconies small or large are increasingly common as property owners seek to make the most of their space.
" Roof terraces and roof gardens can deliver benefits for individuals and for society as a whole by creating new outdoor spaces, enhancing bio-diversity, reducing flood risk by absorbing heavy rainfall, providing insulation and improving the appearance of our cityscape" enthuse Livingstone and Rogers in the Living Roofs document.

RubberBond FleeceBack EPDM has the ability to carry timber decking, paving slabs or tiles allowing you to fully utilise the design potential of all roof areas and get the most from your property. Other tips for roof terraces are how large a terrace you want and can accommodate, check with your local council whether you require planning permission, what design of railings and balustrades do you want and what will be safe. Please ask your local approved contractor or contact us for more information on this.
Roof Terraces and Balconies

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Whether you are a home–owner with a leaking flat roof in need of replacement or a contractor looking to contact us for information on EPDM, simply fill in the contact form on our website to ensure that you will receive a response to your query as soon as possible.

Roofing sytstems

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