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As an industry leader since 1907, we understand that your conveyors play a critical role in your operation’s productivity. We know that when conveyors run efficiently they make a real impact on your bottom line. That’s why Flexco goes beyond manufacturing belt fasteners, cleaners and maintenance products to providing real solutions to your belt conveyor challenges.

• Belt Ploughs
• Mechanical Belt Fasteners
• Belt Cleaners
• Pulley Lagging
• Belt Maintenance Tools
• Belt Positioners/Trainers
• Skirt Clamps
• Impact Beds
NEW Beds

We partner with you to select the right products and get the best possible performance from your operation. With our experienced team to advise you, you’ll be able to address almost any challenge - from slippage to mistracking and wear and tear, to safety and environmental concerns.
Flexco - your partner in productivity

Mechanical Fastener Systems

Flexco manufactures a wide range of Mechanical Belt Fastening Systems to get your belts up and running fast — and keep them
running — even in the most demanding material handling applications.

From product distribution centres, food processing plants to coal mines, companies rely on Flexco for belt conveyor fasteners and maintenance solutions that help maximize uptime, productivity and safety. We offer the most comprehensive selection of quality products in the industry. And we back customers with unsurpassed product and application support.

Conveyor Belt Cleaners

Many applications will require more than one belt cleaner to do a satisfactory cleaner job. A typical system includes a precleaner (to knock off the initial flow of carryback), one or more secondary cleaners (to take off the sticky fines) and many times, a final speciality cleaner to remove the water.

Flexco has designed cleaning systems for typical conveyor applications:

Rockline - For light- and standard duty belts. Typically found in aggregate, pulp and paper, and lighter duty applications.

Mineline - Expressly designed for more abusive applications such as underground coal, ore mining, load-out terminals, limestone processing and power plants.

Eliminator - Includes engineered cleaners for standard-, medium-duty and heavy duty conveyors , and many speciality models for special-requirement conveyors.

Belt Trackers

 PositionerThe Belt Positioner™ is the simple, reliable solution for problem belts that consistently mistrack to one side of the conveyor. The Belt Positioner works on the return side belt using simple angled rollers mounted in a fixed position to quickly and continuously funnel the belt into the correct path.

Flex-Lag Pulley Lagging

Easy-to-install, high-performance pulley lagging styles by Flexco delivery exceptional traction.

Flexco makes it easy to find the pulley lagging you need to eliminate belt slippage, increase pulley life, improve water shedding and boost productivity.

Plus, these benefits are achieved without removing the pulley from your conveyor system! Flex-lag application requires a time and labour-saving cold vulcanisation process. So it installs easily on-site!

Impact Beds

Designed for Xtra Impact Relief and Maximum Belt Protection.
Flexco’s DRX (Dual Relief Xtra™) Impact Beds are designed with one simple goal: protect the belt. How we meet that goal is revolutionary.

We’ve engineered superior belt protection into the entire structure—not just the bars. Sturdy components, robust construction and convenient maintenance make our line more durable and efficient than others.

Then, our exclusive Velocity Reduction Technology™ controls acceleration to deaden impact energy and reduce reaction
forces, providing unmatched belt protection.

NEW - PT Smart

The PT Smart™ Belt Trainer takes our patented "pivot and tilt" design and puts it into a more economical, medium duty trainer. This unit reacts and compensates instantly to belt misalignment, ensuring that the belt stays away from the structure and the material stays on the belt.

The result: a continuous solution to mistracking problems that cause damage to the belt and conveyor structure-at an affordable price.

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