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In today's ever changing world of electronic design, the demand upon the interface between man and machine is forever increasing. The continous development of the membrane switch and graphic panel technology are paramount in order to meet the demands of todays design engineers.

Membrane Switches

FST membrane switching systems offer cost effective solutions and unique operational benefits. Alongside which there are endless design and graphic capabilities.

Industrial Graphics

  • Infinite colour combinations
  • Colour co-ordinated filter windows
  • Secret til lit graphics (dead fronts) only appear when illuminated from behind
  • Selectively textured, gloss and anti-glare finishes
  • Chemical and abrasive resistant coatings
  • Interchangable legends, custom legends that can be inserted into pockets beneath transparent areas on the graphic layer
  • Embossed/Debossed key areas, to aid finger location
  • Tactile keys providing positive feed back, metal or polyster dome
  • Sealed against the ingress of moisture and dust
  • Implanted LEDs, sandwiched between the layers of the membrane, a cost effective alternative to mounting onto PCBs
  • Cost effective, up to 80% saving on conventional switching panels - Space saving, low profile 0.7mm to 1.8mm thick; high packing density

Single Layer Flexible

Single layer circuit use in conjunction with full travel keyboards or rubber key mats.

Multi Layer Flexible

Consisting of graphic layer and cicuit pack, which in turn can be supplied boned to a rigid backer.

PCB Based

Consisting of graphic layer with the circuit pack being replaced by a PCB unit.

PCB Based Low Profile Switching

Multi layer switching system utilising low profile micro switches and benefiting from membrane style aesthetics.


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