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The Flexitallic Group is the international market leader in the manufacture and supply of HIGH QUALITY, HIGH VALUE INDUSTRIAL STATIC SEALING PRODUCTS. Based on sales and geographic reach, The Flexitallic Group has become a global supplier of industrial gaskets.

Developer of the spiral wound gasket in 1912 in the US, Flexitallic today continues its legacy of innovation with product materials like Thermiculite® and Sigma®. Flexitallic’s sheet materials product lines began in the mid 1800’s in England. Flexitallic is a privately held company headquartered in Houston, Texas USA.

Flexitallic’s global customer service network of owned manufacturing facilities, manufacturing licensees and distribution network (over 750 distributors in 30 countries) ensure local demand is met quickly, with a combination of the highest product quality and customer service.

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Thermiculite – ever since inventing the spiral wound gasket nearly a century ago, Flexitallic has been at the forefront of fluid sealing innovation. In 1998, Flexitallic set new standards for sealing technology with the introduction of Thermiculite® Critical Service Series gasket material available in Tanged sheet – and later in Spiral Wound and Flexpro™ (Kammprofile) Facing styles.

View Thermiculite products : 800 Series | 700 Series



Sigma - Developed for processes ranging from cryogenic temperatures to 500ºF (260ºC), and suitable for sealing virtually every chemical medium across the entire pH range (0-14), SIGMA pairs the outstanding chemical resistance of PTFE with enhanced dimensional stability to improve overall material stress retention. The non-stick properties of the SIGMA range materials offer excellent removal after usage to dramatically reduce the downtime on shutdown.

To View any of the following Sigma CLICK HERE : 500 | 511 | 533 | 588 | 600


Semi Metallic

Semi Metallic - These are composite gaskets consisting of both metallic and non-metallic materials. The metal provides the strength and the resilience of the gasket and the non-metallic component provides the conformable sealing material. These gaskets are suitable for low and high pressure and temperature applications. A wide range of materials is available.

  • Spiral Wound
  • MRG Gasket
  • Flexpro Gasket
  • Metal Jacketed
  • CGI-MRG Gasket
  • Baker Gasket
Semi Metallic


Metallic - The ring type joint was initially developed for use in the petroleum industry, where high pressure/temperature applications necessitated the need for a high integrity seal. They are mainly used in the oil field on drilling and completion equipment. Ring type joints are also commonly used on valves and pipework assemblies, along with some high integrity pressure vessel joints.

  • Style R
  • Style RX
  • Style BX


Non-Metallic - Flexitallic have developed compressed fiber gasket sheet products approaching, and in some instances surpassing the capabilities of previous materials. Some of these products have been fibre-reinforced grades, manufactured by the traditional calendering or sheeter process.

  • Compressed Fiber
  • Flexicarb Graphite
  • Fluoroseal


Flexitallic Ltd manufactures a comprehensive range of compression packings:

Manufactured from a range of yarns
PRE-FORMED GRAPHITE RINGS: High temperature sealing elements formed from high purity exfoliated graphite foil.
SYNTRON PACKINGS: Extruded packings formed from a fiber reinforced, rubber bound composite.

  • Pump Packings
  • Valve Stem Seals
  • Static Seals 

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