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At Flexosprings, as compression springs manufacturers, we have the ability to manufacture compression springs in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your specifications. We manufacture compression springs in an assortment of materials and have a wide range of pre-designed springs available on our on-line directory to enable you to easily find the right product.

Compression Springs -

" These springs compress and offer resistance when a force is applied to the ends and they are normally used to work in a hole or over a rod "

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  1. Compression Springs

    Compression Springs
    Here at Flexosprings, we specialise in the manufacture and supply of Compression Springs to your specifications
  2. Compression Springs Supplier

    Compression Springs Supplier
    At Flexo Springs we offer a wide range of manufacturing options. As a compression springs supplier, we offer different shapes, sizes and materials across our large stock. Search our pre-designed springs to help find the spring for you.