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Since 1982 Flo-Dyne has been a leading noise and pulsation equipment supplier. They specialise in the design and supply of customised solutions for industrial silencers, atmospheric vent silencers, liquid pulsation dampeners and controls.

As a noise and pulsation equipment supplier they offer a range of:

  • Vent silencers for steam and gas duties
  • Suction and discharge pulsation dampeners for reciprocating power liquid pumps and gas compressors
  • Diffuser silencers for control and pressure regulating valves
  • Surge arrestors and tanks for water and waste water pumping stations

Flo-Dyne manufactures their noise and pulsation equipment to British, European and American pressure vessel codes and standards. A CE marking can be applied when required.

All of their products can be made in a wide range of material including, ordinary carbon steels, duplex steels and super duplex stainless steels.

Compressor Tanks

Compressor tanks are surge tanks arranged with a compressor. Compressors are fitted to surge tanks to provide additional air. This is necessary if the liquid level rises above the normal condition. A control panel operates the compressor and solenoid air relay valves.

Flo-Dyna Controls UK Ltd offers oil free compressor tanks as well as traditional models. Oil free compressor tanks are completely free of liquid lubricants. This type of compressor is available with a discharge pressure of 10 BarG.

Compressor Tanks

Vent Silencers

Vent silencers are used to reduce the volume of noise from the release of air, natural gas, nitrogen oxygen or other process or hydrocarbon gases. It is important to reduce the duty and noise level of these gases as they can be dangerous to plant personnel and could be environmentally unacceptable.

Flo-Dyne offers a wide range of vent silencers. This allows their customers to find the perfect vent silencer for their chosen application. Their vent silencers can be supplied with an inlet diffuser.

Their inlet diffusers are constructed to ASME pressure piping and vessel codes and are pressure tested after welding.

Vent Silencers

In-Line Silencers

Flo-Dyne Controls UK Ltd offers a comprehensive selection of in-line silencers. Their in-line silencers are designed to reduce the short acoustic wave lengths produced by motive steam noise.

Their in-line silencers are engineered using a specially developed computer program. This ensures their in-line silencers are the perfect match for their application.

Their in-line silencers are manufactured to British, American, European and Indian pressure vessel codes.

In-Line Silencers

Liquid Filled Pulsation Dampeners

Flo-Dyne Controls UK Ltd offers a range of liquid filled pulsation dampeners. They are used to reduce the damaging levels of pulsation and vibration produced by multi-plunger high pressure reciprocating pumps. 

Their liquid filled pulsation dampeners have a unique spherical in-line design. This unique design makes them low weight and low cost.

Their liquid filled pulsation dampeners are perfect for applications where rubber bladder or metallic diaphragm types cannot be used.

Liquid Filled Pulsation Dampeners
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