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We are a major supplier of services and machinery for potato processing. We provide our services from the initial period through to design, installation, operator training, and aftersales service. We can provide you with all the necessary and key expertise.

If you need supply on a single item of machinery for potato processing equipment or turnkey responsibility for a complete processing line, our qualified engineers can help. Using our wealth of experience and the latest technology we can to achieve our customers’ goals and deliver optimum customer satisfaction.

Our central business markets include potato processing, crisps (chips) and snacks, fruit and vegetable processing, nut processing, coffee processing and canning.

Flo-Cut™ - Designed for the Potato Industry

The Flo-Cut™ Sizer Halver is designed specifically for the potato processing industry. As the name of the machine indicates, the Flo-Cut™ Sizer Halver carries out two operations, namely grading (sizing) and cutting (halving).

Flo-Grade™ - Designed for the Potato Industry

The Flo-Grade™ designed for the potato industry is developed to be used as a stand alone piece of equipment or integrated with the Flo-Cut™.

Flo-Grade™ designed for the potato industry has a tapered screw design for gentle grading and transfers of potatoes.

Flo-Starch™ - Starch Recovery and Water Reclaim System

The Flo-Starch™ starch recovery and water reclaim system unit is designed to recover starch from potato processing waste-water.

Flo-Starch™ starch recovery and water reclaim system has benefits like reusing the cleaned water back in the process line and collecting the dry starch to be reused in other processes.

Flo-Flavour™ - Slurry Mixing and Application Systems.

Our Flo-Flavour™ slurry mixing and application systems are manufactured to suit the needs of modern snack processing lines.

Flo-Flavour™ slurry mixing and application systems offer reliable and high quality solutions for this specific market area.

Flo-Flavour™ Plus - Flavour Application System.

Our latest development is the Flo-Flavor™ plus flavour application system. This equipment provides reliable snack seasoning systems.

The  Flo-Flavor™ plus flavour application system uses flavour and oil applications as an alternative to traditional oil and flavour slurry systems.

Flo-Filter™ - Continuous Frying Oil Filtration.

The Flo-Filter™ continuous frying oil filtration machine is designed to complement a range of applications.

Flo-Filter™ continuous frying oil filtration equipments filters the oil to rid it of process generated debris and maintain the consistency of the oil's quality.

Flo-Cool™ - Oil Cooling System

Flo-Cool™ oil cooling systems are designed to quickly reduce the frying oil temperature.

The Flo-Cool™ oil cooling systems can reduce the temperature during a production break or at the end of production.

UK and Ireland Sales Partners

We are also the UK and Ireland sales partners for:

  • AlexanderSolia - Multi purpose food processing systems

  • BMA – Potato and vegetable processing systems

  • Cablevey – Tubular drag conveyors

Other UK and Ireland sales partners include:

  • Key Technology – Optical sorting and vibratory conveyors

  • Townsend Further Processing – For potato products

  • Vanmark – Washing and peeling systems

  • Zacmi – Can filling and seaming equipment

Project Management

Our project management services include pre-engineering studies through to factory installations.

Our teams of professional project management aim to provide optimum service and meet our client's requirements with the best solutions.

Commitment to Service

Our commitment to service is demonstrated through our services. We understand response times are essential to the food industry sector.

So, our commitment to service includes a 24-hour emergency service.

Energy and Sustainability

We have energy and sustainability departments leading the way in innovation and improving existing equipment and plant  facilities across the world.

Our approach is more flexible from other general energy consultants. Our energy and sustainability department not only carries out energy audits, but also implements the changes required and offers complete backup services.

Spare Parts

To support our installations and equipment, we stock a comprehensive range of essential spare parts.

From our offices in Peterborough, our spare parts are delivered fast and with the most minimum downtime to enhance our dedication to our customers.

Health & Safety

As part of a continuing promise to our client's we have an extensive health and safety policy in place. It ensures our projects meet the array and demanding needs of all aspects of health and safety conformity.

The policies cover standards from project concept and design through to completion and installation.

Installation and Relocation

Our installation and relocation services provide our customers with a knowledgeable, careful and professional service regarding their production lines. Our installation and relocation projects are done with the minimum of downtime and disruption.

With over 35 years of experience, we can help with:

  • Factory/feasibility surveys

  • Turnkey Project Management Services

  • Mechanical and Electrical Services

  • Health and Safety Management

  • Utility assessments and services connections (gas, air, water, etc)

  • Fully documented Asset Transfer Protocols

  • AutoCAD (2D) and Solid-works (3D) drawing facilities

Control, Automation and Software Systems

We can help you find the correct control, automation and software systems for your application -- from stand-alone programmable logic controllers to full scale distributed control systems.   Control, automation and software systems are integrated into your IT infrastructures and create a reliable and cost-efficient solution tailored to your requirements. 

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