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Flood Flooring Ltd (part of the BD Flood Group) is the largest precast concrete company in Ireland as part of the ongoing expansion program is moving to the UK, to promote the successful Prestressed Wide Plate flooring System used extensively in Ireland and mainland Europe. Also Promoting the Precast Stairs and Bespoke precast products.

The benefits of our system are;

The wideslab is 2.4m wide and compared to Hollowcore is twice as quick to erect approx (700sqm/day).

The slab soffit is of exceptionally good quality, (Ideal for an exposed soffit such as car parks, Student accommodation etc)

Wideslab combine's the benefits of both the Omnia and Hollowcore systems. i.e. difficult shapes can be accommodated (including projecting tie steel if required) and is coupled with the benefits of pre-stressing.

Prestressed wideslab will invariably give the slimmest floor structure available

Wideslab can be designed compositely with Steel or insitu concrete beams. Thereby reducing the overall structural depth

Any differential camber can be eliminated by adjusting the propping

The use of wideslab with projecting "hanging" steel can be used with insitu concrete beams to give a flat soffit with no down stand on the beam. This is very popular in office construction as there are no obstructions to service runs such as ventilation ducting.

Wideslab requires a structural topping and can therefore easily accommodate structural ties and plate action requirement to address disproportionate collapse, as per amendments to part A.

Wideslab is a solid concrete floor construction and therefore has better sound transmission characteristics than Hollowcore.

Our prestressed system allows for spans of 9.50m to be achieved with ease.

Flood Flooring, has an excellent record of customer service, from design through to on site works, encompassing the latest production technology with a capacity of 750,000 sq/metres of flooring in addition to the stair and bespoke precast production.

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