Floor and Wall Solutions


We manufacture and distribute a selection of floor finishing profiles and systems that will accommodate any type of floor finish. We supply the industry with an extensive selection of finishing trims and other flooring products. They can be purchased securely online and delivered the next day.

We are also specialists in fabrication and bespoke floor finishing profiles. We offer aluminium, brass and stainless steel systems found in contract floor and wall tiling packages. We offer items such as corner guards, wall protection rails and stair nosings. 

Door And Frame Protection

We offer a range of door and frame protection that will help protect doors and entryways from damage caused by excessive use. We produce brass stainless steel, push plates and cladding panels.

Our door protectors can be manufactured in aluminium or PVC and we also offer door face protectors in a range of colours. Our door and frame protection products also include draught and water sealants, metal door covers and door frame covers.  

Flooring Products

We stock a large collection of flooring products that aid maintenance and repairs. Our associated products include lightweight polyethylene foam for underlaying carpets, flooring paper and floor strippers that will remove wood, rubber and sports floors.

We also stock flooring adhesive and insulating boards for floating wooden floorboards. Our flooring products also include a range of edge trimmings to add character and design aesthetic to your flooring.

Fabrication And Finishing Services

Our fabrication and finishing service present a range of options from waterjet cutting to welding. Our folding services are capable of folding large areas of stainless steel with a maximum weight of 5 tonnes per item.

We also offer laser cutting, polishing, anodising, and powder coating. We provide a bespoke fabrication and finishing service or provide a one-off service.

Bespoke Flooring Profiles

We have over 25 years of experience and have built up a large bespoke flooring profile. We manufacture to specifications and can offer services like stainless steel columns, drainage systems and aluminium frames for stone inlays.

Our bespoke flooring profiles have provided many retail units with metal profiles that also include the manufacture of expansion joints.

Other bespoke components include corner protectors, feature angels, cladding brackets and copying systems.

Flooring Tools And Machinery

Our flooring tools and machinery will help you with any flooring project and include equipment for cutting, drilling, floor stripping, and grouting.

We also offer a range of general tools like sealant guns, hack saws, pro-knives, and clamps.

Our flooring tools and machinery products also include a range of hand tools, mixers, spacers, tile kits, tool bags, and trowels and spreaders.

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