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Wheat Flour Type 500, 550, 650, 750, 850, 1850
Package: bag 25kg, 50kg, Loose
Origin Poland


In our company there are high-gluten flours with excellent baking qualities of fixed reproducible high quality.

These products are supplied in bags of 25 and 50kg and bulk available for different recipients.

We supply Wheat Flour, Rye and Flours Standardized (available on special request)

Flour standardized: The flour with the addition of high-grade enzyme preparation, which is a ready mix of natural ingredients, no genetically modified to improve the quality of baking wheat flour. The use of this solution in the milling is the basis of very good results baked assortment of bakery and confectionery products.

The result of our standardization is excellent flour baking and confectionery able to achieve outstanding results and qualitative volume of wheat bread and mixed. This type of flour eliminating the need for a standard improver addition, since the flour is enriched with a sufficient dose of the natural enzyme preparation, which replaces the operation.

The main differences between ordinary flour and flour standardized: Aligned flour baking properties over time, improved stability of flour, resulting in a longer processing time dough tolerance and better impact resistance, more convenient meal for the production of bakery – confectionery due to the reduction or complete elimination of the improver additive, increased water absorption of flour, improved appearance bread (nicely cracked and crispy crust), higher bread volume, uniform crumb structure after baking, extended freshness of bread.


Flour Distributors (UK) Ltd is one of the fastest growing companies. We are distributing and wholesale flour products in western Europe with long tradition and rich company history in eastern Europe. We have gained extensive experience and wide knowledge.

Our top priority is the purchase and sale flour, especially to member states of the European Union. We are open to adapt our flour to the needs and preferences of our clients. We supply Wheat Flour, Rye and Flours Standardized (available on special request).

One of the key indicators for us is the amount of water that can be absorbed into the loaf (more water less flour needed). If you try to maximise water absorption the tolerance and performance of the flour is affected. We do not push it and the result is a flour that will work for you.

We distribute and wholesale all kinds of flours that are strictly selected from the best producers that fulfill the following requirements:

GMP +, IFS, RED cert,

and certified based on standards:

BS EN ISO 9001: 2009,   BS EN ISO 22000: 2006

Flour Distribution UK Ltd is not only a professional trading company with modern organizational and technical solutions, but also an attractive employer with highly qualified staff who guarantee high effectiveness and wide scope of our company’s activities. Our experience in management makes that the standard which we offer to our Clients is the reliable service. In this way we build a positive image of our company.

The key to our development and success is the constant growth of our sales and extension of our range of products.
We pay attention to stability , responsibility  and ability to adapt to the needs of our customers.



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