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Flowcheck perform flow surveys ranging from full site surveys of water utility treatment works down to individual MCERTS flow meter surveys and flow meter calibrations for clients in the private sector.

In addition to flow surveys we also specialise in pumping station surveys. Flowcheck are expert in sewage pumping station optimisation, enabling pumps to deliver the maximum volume of liquid using the minimum amount of energy.

The services we offer fall into four categories:

  • Pumping Station Surveys
  • Site Surveys
  • Flowmeter & MCERTS Surveys
  • Hot Tapping
Flowcheck provide flow measurement and hydraulic surveying services specifically tailored towards the water and waste water industry. We perform surveys throughout the life of an asset from project optioneering and design through to contract acceptance, problem solving and energy optimisation.
  Our survey reports provide clients with the peace of mind and assurance that the decisions they make are based on accurate and reliable data.

Pumping Station Surveys

Pumping stations, particularly sewage pumping stations, are a major source of energy usage within the water and wastewater industry. For pumps and pumping stations to work reliably and to their best efficiency, they have to be carefully matched to the characteristics of the rising main into which they deliver. Flowcheck are expert in sewage pumping station management. We offer a range of pumping station services to ensure that existing installations work to their optimum efficiency and that new pumping stations are accurately matched to their rising mains.

Our pumping station services include pumping station optimisation, flow surveys, pressure tests and problem solving. Our Engineers take accurate on site measurements of pressure, flow and level and will produce pump curves, system curves and Ks values for rising mains.

  • Pump tests and pump curves
  • System curve

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Pumping Station Surveys

Site Surveys

Flowcheck specialise in performing hydraulic site surveys within the water industry. The site surveys we perform cover a multitude of applications but normally require the installation of temporary survey instrumentation e.g. pressure, flow and level, to determine exactly what is happening within a hydraulic system. The site surveys also often necessitate the use of data loggers to record process variables over periods of weeks or months.

By monitoring process variables at key locations within a treatment process we can:

  • Reveal flow distributions within treatment processes, see Flow surveys below
  • Determine head losses within gravity fed systems
  • Locate blockages in rising mains
  • Identify problems within process control systems
  • Diagnose and locate problems in pumped and gravity fed systems
  • Capture specific events e.g. storm conditions

Before a works or process is modified it is important to know exactly how it functions. Our site surveys involve taking accurate measurements of all the relevant process variables so that new designs can be based on the known hydraulic performance of the existing plant.

When a project is completed our site surveys can confirm that the new plant and equipment is performing correctly and that contractual obligations have been fulfilled.

"Our site surveys provide the foundations upon which designs are based."

Site Surveys

Flow meter and MCERTS surveys

Flowcheck is an approved MCERTS inspection company. Our MCERTS inspectors are authorised to survey both open channel flow meters and closed pipe flow meter installations. The MCERTS emissions monitoring legislation requires that, if flow is a parameter stated on an Environment Agency emissions permit, it is a statutory requirement to have the flow meter installation inspected by an approved MCERTS inspector.

Our MCERTS inspectors will carry out adjustments and calibrations, as required, to optimise the performance of a flow meter installation and help enable our clients to achieve MCERTS certification.

For more information download our Guide to MCERTS

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Flow meter and MCERTS surveys

Hot Tapping

Hot tapping (under pressure drilling) enables tapping points to be installed into pressurised pipes without the need for isolation and without any disruption to the operation of the plant or the process.

Flowcheck is equipped to hot tap virtually any size of pipe and can install tapping points up to 2"BSP.
We hold a wide stock of hot tapping spares and this enables our engineers to respond quickly to requests for pipe tapping services.

Typical applications for hot tapping:

  • Sample points
  • Chemical dosing injection lances
  • Pressure and temperature measurement points
  • Drain valves
  • Air release valves
  • Flushing points

To prevent cross contamination Flowcheck holds separate sets of hot tapping equipment for potable water and dirty liquids.

Hot Tapping

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