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Flowstone is a pro-active flooring contractor able to work to high standards and specifications. We are able to draw upon extensive knowledge of leading products and manufacturers. We are approved applicators of several of the worlds leading manufacturers of resin systems - although we have chosen to remain independent and as a result this enables us to select from a wide range of products.

Here is a list of just some of the Flooring we can Supply:
  • Flooring Corrosion Resistant
  • Flooring Decorative Resin
  • Flooring Flake
  • Flooring Heavy Duty
  • Flooring Industrial Resin
  • Flooring Jointless Resin
  • Flooring Machine Shop
  • Flooring Stene
  • Flooring Acid Resistant
  • Flooring Anti Static
  • Flooring Anti Slip
  • Flooring espoke Systems
  • Flooring Chemical Restistant
  • Flooring Coating Specialist
  • Flooring Coatings Protective Non Slip
  • Flooring Conductive Resin
  • Resin Flooring
Whatever your industry sector, Flowstone has a variety of experience including projects at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Rexam Plastics, Johnsons Controls, Peugeot, Coventry FC, Coventry Airport, Bentleys, Lear Corporation, and numerous multi storey cark parks across the UK.

Starting with our free survey and incorporating effective solutions, specification or trial areas to determine agreeable systems and necessary working methods, Flowstone can cover whatever problem you have. By working closely with customers that we continue to maintain the high level of service and quality.
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