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Fluid Technologies Ltd specialist fluid handling and paint pump suppliers

Paint Spray Guns

Fluid Technologies Ltd are specialist suppliers of paint spray guns

Paint Spray Guns

Powder Coating Suppliers

Fluid Technologies are specialist powder coating suppliers.

Powder Coating Suppliers

Paint Finishing Equipment

Graco has a vast range of spray package solutions. All of the packages are based on durable and high quality pumps, with a range of ratios.

Possible configurations are:

  • wall mount
  • cart mount
  • stand mount
  • pail mount, including a large offer of stainless steel
  • heated models

Products also available are:

  • Triton™
  • Falcon™
  • Merkur®
  • Orion®
Paint Finishing Equipment

Protective Coating

Graco supplies plural component equipment anti-corrosion markets. They have a range of products starting from, fixed ratio mechanical proportioners, to heated variable ratio electronical proportioners.  They always have the correct product to handle the modern component material.

Some products available are:

  • Hydra-Cat®
  • Xtreme Mix™
  • Reactor™
Protective Coating

Guns & Applicators

Graco's handheld and automatic guns provide high finishing quality and operator comfort,  this includes a light trigger pull. The high transfer efficiency reduces V.O.C. emissions.  All applicators have a wide range of accessories like nozzles or air caps.  This enables the user to achieve the best solution for each application.

Products available are:

  • Delta Spray®
  • PRO™ Xs,  PRO™ XS AUTO Electrostatic

Guns & Applicators

Sealants & Adhesives

To make bonds more consistent and improve the management of the material, component dispensing, measuring and metering solutions are designed to reduce excess material use.  Plural component equipment, handles all materials with wide viscosity variations. Our transfer and supply pumps, together deliver high performance and reliability.

Products that are available are:

  • PrecisionFlo™ XL
  • Precision Dose™
  • Therm-o-Flow® Plus
  • Check-Mate®
  • Dura-Flo™
  • Mega-Flo™
  • Applicators
Sealants & Adhesives

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