Fluke (UK) Ltd


Fluke thermal cameras capture fully radiometric infrared images. We use the best patent-pending IR-Fusion® technology. Our thermal cameras detect heat patterns or temperature changes in objects, allowing problems to be discovered earlier and in time before problems have a chance to develop.

Vibration Testers

To prevent underlying problems, here at Fluke we provide a selection of vibration testers developed to identify any possible faults in industrial machines. The vibration tester will suggest repair recommendations and aid technicians for any needed maintenance.

Clamp Meters

We have an extensive clamp meter range compromising of models with fast non-contact current measurement. Fluke provides clamp meters, perfect for measuring current in the most difficult of conditions.

Insulation Testers

Fluke is the most trusted name worldwide for insulation testers. We provide quality insulation testers and have an online product showcase with an equipment selection guide to view.

Scope Meters

The Fluke scope meters range will prove a reliable scope for professionals in the field service combining oscilloscopes and DMMs. We have a fantastic group of scope meters to offer all very reliable and to suit customer specifications.


We have thermometers for a vast span of temperature applications and devices. Fluke provides infrared thermometers as well as contact thermometers with probes and accessories to hand as well.

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