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FMG Electronics has been supporting technology development for over 20 years. We maintain close relationships with the manufacturers we represent (Maxim, Seoul Semiconductor, Pulse Electronics, Power Integrations, PLX Technology, Geyer Electronic, Varta, Lineage Power, Egston, Verdi Semi, Digi and lots more). Therefore FMG understands intimately their product ranges. This allows FMG to offer what is most suitable for the customers needs.

Analogue Components

Sensor interface and signal conditioning. Op amps, ADC/DAC, Instrumentation Amps,Analog Filters Pressure, Humidity, Temperature sensors, hall effect sensors both rotary and linear,serial comms devices, Audio, Automotive, and more. FMG represent Maxim Integrated Products and can offer any Maxim product to aid in your application.

Radio Frequency Products

433/868 MHZ ISM transmitters and receivers and transceivers are offered. Discrete low cost components allow the designer to implement best in class RF solutions. 2.4GHZ modules are offered for various metering solutions including water, electrical and Gas.

Power Supplies

AC-DC, DC-DC both isolated and non-isolated varying in power rating from 5W to 400W. Medical, and consumer approval levels are provided. LED LLC converter options also offered in the industry first fully dimmer compatible RAIS technology - complete turnkey solutions available with very low BOM cost. On demand technical support available.

Magnetic/Inductive Components

Catalogue and custom magnetic components are available. Usually the designer will look at the catalogue parts available and will go to custom when that extra bit of performance or efficiency is needed - this is an option that is available with FMG Electronics. We maintain excellent working relationships with our suppliers to bring this service to the customer.

Light Emitting Diodes

LED lighting is now part of mainstream design. An LED is expected to outlive its incandescent counterpart without any maintenance, as LEDs are hardwired and have lower power requirements (produce more lumens/watt than alternatives). FMG also offer specific LED PSU designs with high efficiencies, excellent PF & low BOM cost.

Seoul High Brightness LED


Microcontrollers are chip-targeted microprocessors. They are designed to be low power, self-sufficient, and low cost. FMG offer a wide range of 8051 MCU's, secure micro's and custom programming of MCU's.


Batteries are used widely in electronic design. Although sometimes considered only late in the design cycle, a battery system is often critical to correct device operation and backup. FMG can offer battery design services as well as samples - we can also aid in the design of your battery charger.


PCI Express (PCIe) and USB are two of the most common serial bus interface standards. USB is a simple, low-cost replacement for all legacy versions of serial and parallel ports, incorporating hot swap capability and external device interfacing. FMG can cater for all of your communication needs.

Frequency Control Devices

Oscillators are ubiquitous in electronic circuits. Crystal oscillators (xtals) use mechanical resonance of a vibrating crystal to create electrical signals of very precise frequency. FMG offer excellent crystal based products, with low lead times and low prices - we are more than happy to advise what components to use in our application, just ask!

Embedded / M2M Communication

Digi International is the leader in commercial grade device networking and is an innovator of wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) device networking products. Our embedded and non-embedded products are marketed under the Digi® and Rabbit® brands. Digi & FMG can offer you industry leading sales ad service.

Embedded products include modules, microprocessors, single-board computers, satellite communications products, development kits, software, and design services through the subsidiary Spectrum Design Solutions. Non-embedded products include gateways, wireless communication adapters (ZigBee, Wi-Fi, proprietary RF), USB connected products, remote display products, cameras, sensors and the #1 selling serial card line in the world.

Digi / FMG also offer a cloud based service to host all of your machine data - call now for best rates.

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