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1/ Carton Tapes - Plain, stock printed or bespoke printing
2/ Pallet Wrap - Hand
3/ Pallet Wrap - Machine
4/ Pallet Wrap - Top Covers
5/ Polythene - LD & HD food grade, loose or POR. 6 colour printing
6/ Shrink Wrap - Hoods or sheets
7/ Strapping - PP or PE plain or bespoke printing
8/ Polypropylene - Bags-film-bespoke printing
9/ Vacuum pouches - Stock sizes
10/ Freezers spacers - Known as egg trays
11/ Bags-Flow - Wrap-perferated-bespoke-printing 
12/Cartons - Corrugated
13/ Gummed tape - Paper tape
14/ Servis - Consignment purchasing, stockholding
15/ End of line - Packaging machinery and hand tools
16/ Delivery - All Uk and Islands

Corrugated Cartons

  • Short run work welcome
  • Quantities start from 5

Cartons can be supplied with a range of customised fitments in

Ethafoam * Polystyrene * corrugated

  • Solid board
  • Cartons sheets and pads
  • sheets up to 5 meters long

Freezer Trays

Is part of your business defrosting or freezing food?

If so you could freeze up to 17% faster & decrease blast freezer running costs by using EU approved plastic freezer spacers, know as egg trays.

  • Working temperature - 40 degrees Max Load 4000 Kilos
  • Sizes 1000x1200x35 or 65 800x1200x35
  • designed to nest black or white, washable

Freezer Spacers reduce product tempering times by up to 50% (Maxi spacers up to 80%) due to the 5 way airflow. They increase blast freezer capacity by up to 25%, provide excellent cold conductivity and give chilled products longer shelf life. The Spacers are maintenance free as they are virtually unbreakable and nest to save floor space. Available in white or black, 35mm or 65mm (Maxi) deep, or any colour to special order.


We are now able to offer a competitive lease purchase arrangement on any machine costing over £1000.00

  • Hooding Stretch Machines
  • Hooding Machines
  • Heat Sealers
  • Carton Sealers
  • Banding & Strapping Machines
  • Pallet Wrapping Machines

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Pallet Wrap

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Stretch & Shrink Films

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Packagaing machine products

Some of our packaging machinery products include the following:

Hooding Machines

The FPIS - 043 is a fully-automatic pallet stretch hooding machine which forms and applies hoods to palletised products using gusseted stretch film. Film is drawn from a roll, stretched and placed over the pallet. When released it recovers naturally and tightens around and downwards. This providing exceptional all round pack support protection and security.

Heat sealers


  • Impulse sealers with cutter without cutters
  • Impulse sealers with double timer and cutters
  • Handheld crimper & sealer
  • Shrink tunnel & Sealer



Banding and Strapping Machines

  • Table-top machines
  • Semi automatic machines
  • Automatic machines
  • Strapping & Tensioners
  • Electric Strapping Tools
  • Friction welding tools




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