Foil Insulation


Superfoil foil insulation are high technology insulators that are effective against all types of heat transfer: convection, conduction & radiant heat.

This works in two directions: keeping the heat in as well as the summer sun out.

Multifoil insulation is a build up of multiple layers of thermo foam, wadding & low emissivity layers of reflective foil.
This gives us a thin, lightweight, flexible & strong foil insulation that is very quick and very easy to install.

  • Easy & Quick Installation
  • Ideal for New Build, Retrofit & Refurbishment
  • Complies with current Building Regulations
  • Use in Roofs, Walls & Floors
  • Made from 40% recycled materials
  • Lightweight & Flexible

U-Value Calculations

The new building regulations have increased requirements to as high as U 0.16 .
We already have ready made solutions using foil insulation for U values down to as low as U 0.11. There are a variety of solutions satisfying the existing regulations and have developed new solutions for the new increased regulations.

Different elements within a building have differing targets, as can be seen in this table:
  • Element Old New
  • Sloping roof 0.20 0.18
  • External Wall 0.30 0.28
  • Floor 0.25 0.22
  • Ceiling Level 0.16 0.16
  • Flat roof 0.20 0.18
We have a range of solutions to meet these new insulation u-value calculations which achieve or exceed the new regulations.   Please print off any relevant calculations for your building inspector, these are surveyor certified U-Value Calculations.   Ceiling Level Insulation - 2010 U-value required U 0.16
DUET Solution (Superfoil only)
U 0.13 Use SF40 + SF40 Over or under rafters (Exceeds the new Regulations)   Combination Solutions (Superfoil plus another insulation)
U 0.16 Use SF19 + 150mm Glassfibre between rafters
Sloping Roof / Flat Roof Insulation - 2010 U-value required U 0.18
DUET Solutions (Superfoil only)
U 0.18 Use SF40 + SF19 over or under rafters
U 0.13 Use SF40 + SF40 Over or under rafters (Exceeds the new Regulations)
Combination Solutions (Superfoil plus another insulation)
U 0.18 use SF40 + 35mm Insulated Plasterboard below rafters
U 0.18 use SF19 + 90mm of HD Foam board between rafters
U 0.18 use SF40 + 50mm of HD Foam board between rafters
Floor Insulation - 2010 U-value required U 0.22

U 0.22 use SFUF + 50mm HD Foam Board
External Wall Insulation - 2010 U-value required U 0.28

U 0.25 Use SF40 in a solid & Stud wall (Exceeds the new Regulations)
U 0.24 Use SF40 stone wall (Exceeds the new Regulations)
U 0.13 SF40 + SF40 in a timber wall (Exceeds the new Regulations)

Floor Insulations

SFUF is a multi-layer foil insulation for use with solid and suspended floors. Can also be used to insulate in other aras, including walls and ceilings. Consisting of 13 layers of reflective foil, thermo foam seperation layers and topped with a PE layer, SFUF is the ideal for use with hot water underfloor heating systems. SFUF reflects heat back into the room, at the same time improving airtightness and resisting the passage of moisture.

  • Fast & easy installation
  • Improves energy performance
  • Reduces impact noise
  • Resists the passage of moisture
  • Improves air-tightness
  • Ultra slim 6mm profile
  • Ideal for underfloor heating systems
Floor Insulations

Roof Insulations

SF40 is the UK's highest performing multi-layer foil insulation, use to reach levels 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the Code for Sustainable Homes. SF40 has radiant reflective properties, reflecting unwanted heat from solar gain in summer and enhancing insulation in winter. SF40 also has air barrier properties and can control air movement for further energy efficiencies. In situ energy assessment indicates that multilayer foils have benefits over traditional (non reflective) insulation. SuperFOIL SF40 maximises roof and wall insulation within an efficiant amount of space. 

  • Fast & easy installation
  • Lightweight & flexible
  • Energy efficient
  • Independently tested
  • Ultraslim profile
  • Compatible under or over rafters
  • Use to reach CSH levels 3 to 6

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Roof Insulations

Wall Insulations

SFTV the ultimate all-round building membrane for roofs, walls and floors. Water & vapour proof SFTV is also a foil radiant barrier that will reduce solar gain in summer and improve insulation in winter. SFTV's reflective properties add to the overall U-value of the building fabric. To achieve the maximum energy performance in new build and retrofit projects, SFTV makes an ideal 'airtight' layer suitable for the entire building envelope. SFTV is a quick and easy way to improve airtightness in new builds, extentions and property renovations. 

Installing SFTV

SFTV should be installed on the "warm" side of the insulated structure, with special care being taken to ensure that all seams and holes are sealed effectively to render the whole structure moisture vapour proof, and to improve the thermal performance. It is important that SFTV is installed as a continuous barrier in order to prevent vapour entering the wall or the roof.
Fixing & Jointing

All laps should be a minimum of 150mm and be sealed using SF Jointing Tape. Particular care is required when sealing around penetrations. Where the Barrier is breached by construction elements, the aperture should be sealed with sided SuperFOIL tape.
  • Waterproof
  • Vapour proof
  • Air tight
  • Radiant barrier
  • Helps to prevent mold & damp stains
  • Enhances thermal resistance

Foil Insulation

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