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Our laminating equipment allows the total surface decoration of a wide range of sheet materials in varying thickness, widths and lengths.

Our range includes a variety of finishes, for vacuum forming, line bending and fabrication. These can be supplied with protection films suitable for your application.

Stocked finishes now include woodgrain, marble, solid colours, brushed and mirror effects. We have sample packs available, please email: or call us on 01684 575655 to request one.

Decorative Woodgrain Foil Laminating

Foiling Services was established in July 2005 to provide laminating services to plastics users in a variety of industries and as a result we specialise in the application of decorative and functional foil onto thermoplastic sheets & reels.  We stock a wide range of woodgrain, patterned and marble foil for a fast turn around. We use well respected manufacturers for our finishes, such as Leonhard Kurz, CFC Europe, Renolit, Novacel and Poli-Film.


  • Decorative & Functional Foil Laminating
  • PVC & acrylic Vinyl Lamination
  • Protection Film Application
  • Plastic Sheet Drying
  • Hot Stamping

 Industry Sectors

  • Doors, Windows & Conservatories
  • Building products
  • Point of Sale & Purchase
  • Vacuum Forming
  • Engraving & Sign Making
  • Plastics Finishing


  • - HIPS, PVC, ABS, ASA, Acrylic, Polycarbonate blends and other Thermoplastic materials
  • - Sheet sizes range from 915 x 610mm to 3000 x 1250mm
  • - Material thickness from 1mm to 10mm
  • - Thin gauge reels
  • - MDF & Plywood

 Foil Finishes
Exterior Foil

  • Woodgrain
  • Heat Resistant woodgrain
  • Solid Colour
  • Clear Finishes

 Interior Foil

  • Woodgrain
  • Gold Mirror
  • Silver Mirror
  • Transparent Patterns
  • Marble
  • Metallic
  • Mirror
  • Holographic
  • Brushed
  • Decorative Patterns
  • Second Surface effects


Decorative Woodgrain Foil Laminating


The modern hot stamp foiling process offers new possibilities in decoration. Foils from KURZ, CFC, ITW and Foilco offer a whole range of advantages, especially for surface finishing of sheets, strips and profiles.

Using hot stamping foils when decorating sheets and profiles saves time and money because they can be processed on plastic or pre-treated wood in a one step operation - quickly and precisely, without drying or further treatment. The enormous selection of finishes available and the ability to rapidly change design means production versatility and lean stock-keeping.



We offer a wide range of surface protection films for plastic sheets and foils, including acrylic, rubber, water based and co-extruded films.

Our equipment allows us to apply film to sheets upto 1560mm wide and from a thickness of 1.0mm. Reels can be accommodated upto 1300mm wide.

Please contact us in order to find our customized surface protection solution for your application.


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