Fonefixed Phone Repairs


Here at Fonefixed Phone Repairs, we provide a first-class approach to mobile phone repair in Wirral and recycling services. We keep things simples and won't blind you with complex terminology. Due to our unique services, we have become highly respected in the industry. We offer bespoke mobile phone repair in Wirral to suit your individual requirements.

Business Mobile Phone

We offer a wide range of business mobile phone solutions including mobile phone refurbishment. Your business will benefit from the huge potential cost savings of refurbishing existing business mobile phones. You can reduce your network costs significantly by making what you already have like new.

Mobile Phone Recycling

We specialise in bulk mobile phone recycling services. Our mobile phone recycling services will pay cash for unwanted mobile phones and will even buy broken phones. We work with charities, schools and local fundraisers to provide an innovative solution to raising money.

Bulk Mobile Phone Repairs

We provide bulk mobile phone repairs and mobile phone refurbishment. We repair over 500 mobile phones per week in our UK-based repair centre. Our bulk mobile phone repairs include the testing of each phone prior to its return. Our innovative services will save you money by making use of what your already have.

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