Foodmek Ltd


Since 1971, when the company was established in Tayport, Fife, Foodmek have continually strived to be the premier supplier of process plant machinery for the food and drinks industry in the UK and abroad.

Filling Machines

Foodmek design and build a wide range of filling machines; from pneumatic single-head, one-shot fillers, to 40-head positive displacement rotary fillers and 48-head volumetric machines. With a rising platform for filling thicker products, our machines fill a jar from the base up, to eliminate the possibility of air being trapped in the product

Food Process Equipment

Foodmek have many years of experience in designing building and commissioning food process equipment. We manufacture an extensive range of all different types of vessels/ tanks these include Scraped surface cooking vessels (With or without direct steam injection), holding tanks, mixing vessels, swash plate tanks and rapid boiling pans with copper inners (with or without heating coils)

Container Handling Equipment

Over the years Foodmek  have handled a very wide variety of bulk glass/container depalletising applications. These have included empty cans, bottles, bright cans, tapered jars, tapered bottles, composite cans to name a few

Twin Transfer Conveyor

Twin Transfer Conveyor for transferring pouches. 150mm wide belts rising from 600mm to 900mm over their length.

If you would like to find out more about Foodmek or enquire about our services you can contact us.

T: 01382 553577


Platforms and Fabrication

Foodmek manufacture a wide range of platform structures in stainless steel. Operator walkways,mezzanine floors & stairways, machinery support framework and balustrades.

Each one is designed and built to the highest standards tailored to suit our customers’ needs.

We also have the capability to fabricate all types of chutes and trough’s from stainless steel

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