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Forbes manufacture high quality Plastic Tanks, Vessels, Scrubbing & Stripping Towers and Odour Control Systems from thermoplastics & GRP materials. Products & services are divided into 4 distinct categories:

  • Low cost Thermoplastic tanks and towers, from 50 litres to 60m
  • Highly competitive automatically wound large tanks in GRP up to 200m
  • 'Dual laminate' - Thermoplastic/GRP tanks and towers up to 5m diameter x 15m high
  • Site installation work, project management, tank inspections and product maintenance

The Forbes Minibulk® (self bunded) chemical storage systems are available from 1500 litres to 30000 litres capacity and as standard are fitted with all the required connections for the safe delivery of most hazardous chemicals.

Salt Saturators

Salt Saturators
Brine is needed in many industries including Water Treatment, Food & Chemicals.

Forbes salt saturators provide a continuous controllable supply of saturated brine solution. They are fabricated on advanced, largely automated, machinery using GRP materials fully approved to the stringent requirements of the Water Research Council (WRc).

Each Forbes Salt Saturator system is supplied as a package including storage tank, lifting lugs, top access manway, side access manway with level window, full height visual level indication strip in vessel wall, air vent, overflow, outlet with brine collection system, PDV salt inlet with aluminium pipe and tanker connection, water inlet with float controlled valve & dual layer gravel bed......

...... in fact everything required for the production of a constant supply of brine - except of course Water and PDV salt!

Forbes manufactures a wide range of standard Salt Saturators designed to suit most customer requirements. These range from 100 Kgs recharge up to 130 tonnes salt recharge capacity.

Salt Saturators

GRP Tanks

GRP tank technology is now accepted as standard in virtually every industry from chemicals to food and water, microelectronics and offshore oil and gas.

The available sizes for these standard tanks is from 5000 to 160,000 litres capacity and from 2000 to 4111mm internal diameter (to suit standard mandrels).

Forbes are able to manufacture this range of GRP storage tanks using a variety of different specification materials selected for the appropriate chemical resistance.

We will always endeavour to recommend the most cost effective solution to your requirements.

GRP Tanks

Thermoplastic Tanks

Thermoplastic Tanks 

The acceptance of plastics materials by engineers was initially cautious but steady, yet plastics tanks are now so widely used that they now set the standards against which performance is judged.

Exceptional corrosion resistance, lack of taint, ease of transport and installation, durability, minimal maintenance. The merits of Forbes Plastics tanks are now recognised in virtually every industry.

Forbes has always been committed to testing and researching new materials and new technologies and has recently invested over 300,000.00 in large factory extension enabling the latest automated manufacturing equipment to be installed to ensure that we continue to offer our customers the most appropriate products for their needs at the best value.

Forbes standard VT ranges offer superb chemical resistance. They are fabricated using either Polypropylene or high density Polyethylene which meet the requirements of the WRc or FDA. Polypropylene is also available to comply with the more stringent requirements of the DWI please ask for details.

All tanks are designed to the latest standards (either BS EN 12573 or DVS 2205) and are available fabricated using either black coloured material (which is fully UV stabilised and suitable for outdoor or indoor installations, unlike some other coloured polypropylene) or natural translucent white material (which is suitable for indoor installations only, not available in HDPE).

The VTF range is available with either an open top (with or without a cover) or with an enclosed top with an access manway. The design assumes a nominal SG of 1.2, ambient operating temperature and atmospheric operating pressure (other operating conditions can of course be accommodated). Alternative larger tanks up to 60M³ capacity and non standard sizes are now available). PLEASE ASK US TO QUOTE AGAINST YOUR SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS.

Thermoplastic Tanks

Minibulk Systems

Minibulk® Systems
Drums and carboys are an inconvenient, risky and expensive way to transport and store hazardous chemicals and in some circumstances do not comply with legislation on manual handling (Manual Handling Regulations - 1992)

Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) can prove a practical option but their benefits are compromised both by restrictions on handling large volumes of dangerous chemicals by forklift truck (Management of Health and Safety at work Regulations 1992) and by the nuisance and expense of deposits and rentals.

MINIBULK® systems allow users to take delivery by low pressure discharge (up to 14psi) from tankers or lorry-mounted IBCs with the minimum of danger and with no rental or cleaning charges.

Employee health is, more than ever, a high priority and MINIBULK® systems remove the dangers associated with manual lifting, reduce opportunities for exposure to chemicals to a minimum and provide the assurance of bunded total containment.

Major chemical suppliers offer guidelines regarding the safe storage and handling of their products. Forbes works closely with these companies to ensure that MINIBULK® systems satisfy their recommendations.

Minibulk Systems

Dual Laminate Tanks

Dual Laminate Tanks
Dual laminate tank technology is now accepted as standard in virtually every industry from chemicals to food and water, microelectronics and offshore oil and gas.

Forbes manufacture dual laminate storage tanks in various materials from 200 to 200,000 litres capacity. All our products are custom designed and manufactured but where appropriate we suggest the use of a standard design to minimise costs and lead times.

Dual laminate GRP combines the outstanding strength of GRP with the high chemical resistance of a thermoplastics inner shell. Design is not limited to available moulds or mandrels, custom sizes and shapes can be produced to suit the requirements of your application precisely.

Forbes are equipped to manufacture using a wide range of available thermoplastic inner shell materials allowing extreme operating conditions to be accommodated:

PP (polypropylene)(Celmar) is the material of choice for a vast range of applications. It has superb chemical resistance and a higher operating temperature than polyethylene. It is free from taint or toxicity, is highly cost-effective, and has gained widespread acceptance across many industries.

HDPE has in practice been superseded by PP for Dual Laminate construction. There is no price advantage and HDPE is mechanically inferior and less suitable for higher temperature applications.

UPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) is used in particular applications for its resistance to strong oxidising and reducing chemicals, especially chlorine based compounds.

PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) and ECTFE (ethylene and chloro-trifluoroethylene copolymer) are exceptionally high performance materials especially resistant to aggressive chemicals at higher temperatures.

We will always endeavour to recommend the most cost effective solution to your requirements.

Dual Laminate Tanks

Sectional Tanks

Sectional Tanks
Forbes ranges of traditional one-piece tanks are now complemented with a high quality, affordable, easy to install and maintain, sectional tank system.

The one metre square panels are produced by low pressure GRP moulding techniques which results in an exceptionally robust and long lasting product with outstanding mechanical strength and impact resistance.

Whilst most sectional tank applications are for straightforward water storage, it is also possible to use the system to build othe pieces of equipment where space or access constraints make the use of conventional one piece constructions impossible. The resin system used gives good resistance to a number of aggressive liquids. We are always pleased to discuss unusual applications and work with our customers to achieve imaginative solutions.

Sectional Tanks

Environmental Technologies

Environmental Technologies
With over 40 years experience, coupled with up to the minute technologies

  • Whether large or small
  • In a variety of materials from low cost polypropylene to sophisticated flurocarbons
  • FORBES can offer the most cost effective solutions to your environmental problems.

For example - vent gas scrubbers at ?950 or a complete turnkey project at 1/2 million.?

If you are environmental engineering contractors or an end user, Forbes will join with you as a suppportive contractor helping you to maximise your profit.

Forbes can design, manufacture, install, commission & maintain:

  • Wet scrubber systems for gas & odour abatement
  • Small vent scrubbers for HCL, ammonia & other fuming or noxious chemical storage tanks.
  • V O C removal from ground water by air stripping
  • Low cost CO² degassers including a low cost standard range
  • Odour & V O C removal by activated carbon and the latest bio degradable adsorbent media.

Forbes Quality Plastic Tanks

Environmental Technologies

Turnkey & On Site Services

Forbes offers a full range of on-site services to suit all budgets from the simple offloading and positioning of tanks and equipment to a full project managed turnkey services.

Our fully trained and widely experienced site work engineers are supported by dedicated managers who automatically produce risk assessments and method statements as an integral part of our services.

Our 'in house' chemical engineering and project management capabilities can design and manage small to medium sized projects from concept to commissioning.

In addition we also offer ongoing inspection and maintenance services as required.

Please talk to Forbes for expert advice and assistance with any aspect of your installation or to arrange a free no obligation consultation at your site. We can help in the following areas:

  •  Conceptual Design
  • - Process Design
  • - Engineering Design
  • - Manufacture
  • - Installation
  • - Commissioning
  • - Validation
  • - After Sales Support
Turnkey & On Site Services


Forbes fully trained and widely experienced site work engineers are all qualified by EDETA and carry with the latest CCNSG Safety Passports.

We regularly work with all of the most common thermoplastics (Polypropylene, HDPE, UPVC & PVDF) as well as with carbon steel and Aluminium.

Pipework installations are generally associated with the supply and installation of our tank or fume scrubbing equipment and range from a simple extended inlet pipe to a full factory ring main installation.

Our teams in the field are supported by dedicated managers who automatically produce the necessary risk assessments and method statements as an integral part of the service.


TUF Pumpset

The Forbes TUF Pumpset is designed to alleviate many of the problems associated with conventional methods used for deliveries of hazardous chemicals into static storage vessels ? usually completed by pressurising a road tanker barrel.

Risk assessments by safety officers are increasingly concluding that bulk consignments of hazardous chemicals such as concentrated acids should change from pressurised to pumped discharge.

Growing awareness of the hazards of pressurised working has focused attention on Health and Safety and environmental considerations, in particular the need for thorough (and more costly) scrubbing of the ?pad air? as the last of the liquid passes into the storage tank.

Significantly the whole principle of pressurising hazardous chemicals is causing concern to those with responsibility for safety - and EU directives could be interpreted that storage tanks receiving pressurised deliveries may be classified as pressure vessels.

With Forbes TUF Pumpsets, safe working is now easy and economical. Corrosion free, maintenance free and controllable, the message must be - TO BE SAFE, GET TUF!

TUF Pumpset
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