Forest City Export Services Ltd.


Established in 1902 the Forest City group of companies is perhaps one of the oldest companies in the industry today, and this is no accident of course! With our dedication to customer support we pride ourselves on total integrity, personal attention to all our customers, and fast response to any queries that you may raise. At all times we try to offer good, competitive pricing and the fastest possible delivery following receipt of your confirmed order, whilst maintaining the highest of quality in the finished product.

Forest City can offer brand new diesel generator sets, built to order within minimal time, from 7kVA up to 3045kVA (5.6 up to 2436KW), utilising such world renowned diesel engines as Perkins, Volvo, MTU and Deutz. These engines are close coupled to a single bearing brushless alternators supplied by Stamford or Mecc-Alte (UK manufactured), and can be supplied on either an open channel steel baseframe, or a high quality steel baseframe with minimum 8 hour capacity integral fuel tank with contents gauge, steel wire braided fuel lines, fill vent and drain fittings. The generator sets can be supplied with various control panel options including manual electric start, automatic start without transfer switch, and automatic mains failure control with a separate automatic load transfer switch panel. We can also supply the majority of generator sets within our range fitted into fully weatherproof enclosures soundproof to 85dBA at 1 metre or better.

Should your power requirement be more flexible on site, or higher than the currently available single unit generators then we can also offer multiple generator sets with fully automatic start, automatic load share and automatic synchronising which effectively increases the range of power that can be drawn whilst maintaining maximum fuel efficiency from each generator set. This facility also permits one generator to be temporarily withdrawn from operation for service whilst ensuring that a backup power supply remains available at all times.

Forest City are also pleased to offer competitively priced original spare parts for many diesel engines and various manufacturers alternators, and would be pleased to receive any enquiry that you may have in this regard.

Our expertise and knowledge of both the product and the industry as a whole are widely acknowledged, and we would be pleased to offer whatever assistance we can to develop the business in your region to our mutual advantage.

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