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Our collections of brush strip have a range of over 40 different trim lengths and six different sized brushes. The standard sections are filled with a hard wearing Type 6 black Nylon offering excellent memory definition and suitable for use in temperatures from -40 to 100 degree centigrade.

Our ranges of brush strip are available with or without an aluminium fixing carrier available with flange set at 180, 90 or 45 degrees. The metal backing and core wire are manufactured using electro galvanised steel.

Industrial Door Seals

We have a range of industrial door seals available and supplied in individual tailored kits to suit a variety of size and make of door. Our concertina industrial door seals are suitable for sealing along the bottom and top of doors and come with a variety of nose cone styles.

Our industrial door seals also include insulated and standard roller shutters. Roller shutters help to prevent draughts and door vibrations, and are easily fitted with no mechanical fixings needed.

Garage Door Seals

Our garage door seals suit 'up and over' garage doors. Instead of brush strip seals, our garage door seals have an aluminium carrier with rubber insert. They are suitable for sealing along the top and bottom of garage doors.

Our range of garage door seals can be despatched on the same day if ordered before 1 pm and our technical customer support service will help you maintain and keep your garage door seals in top condition.

Lath Brush

Designers, engineers, specifiers, and end users all recognise us as one of the leading providers of strip brush ancillary products. Our ranges of lath brush are just one example of these quality products. 

A lath brush can be integrated into working table surfaces enabling fragile articles, such as sheets of glass, to be handled without damaging or scratching them. It has plastic sections with filaments punched directly into the stock.

Crocodile Clips

Our range of products and ancillary items are one of the most comprehensive selections available in the UK. Our stainless steel crocodile clips are a fixing carrier suitable for use where aluminium items are unfeasible or unsuitable.

Our extensive range of products, including crocodile clips, are ideal for use in a diversity of commercial, domestic and industrial environments.  

Antistatic Brush Stainless Steel Yarn

In applications where an effective and flexible seal is needed, we provide an antistatic brush with stainless steel yarn. It is perfect for discharging static energy and is manufactured from a quality stainless steel yarn.

We provide our products, like the antistatic brush with stainless steel yarn, for a variety of projects and previous jobs have included providing sealing solutions for the Millennium Stadium's sliding roof and Wimbledon's centre court sliding roof.

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