Förster GmbH Metallwarenfabrik


Thanks to our long decades of experience, we are the experts who can work with all types of metal. When it comes to formability and material strength, we can really take things to the limit by conventional deep-drawing and hydro-mechanical forming.

But that’s not all: We co-work closely with qualified partners to offer you the entire spectrum of services needed for the further processing and finishing of your products. No matter whether concerning traditional techniques or laser welding – don't hesitate to get in touch. We'd be delighted to offer you all the benefits of our experience, know-how, and creativity — even at the early stage of product development.

Förster GmbH Metallwarenfabrik

Decades of experience makes us experts in all metals. We push ourselves to the limit for you with conventional deep drawing and hydro-mechanical forming. But this is not enough: Together with qualified partners, we offer you the entire spectrum for processing and finishing your products. From the classic through to laser welding ... get in touch with us. We also support you in the early development phase of a product with experience, expertise and creativity.

Our systems: Automatic punching presses and eccentric presses: 6 to 250 t deep-drawing presses: 25 to 400 t multi-station presses: 100 t

Förster GmbH Metallwarenfabrik
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