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We are designers and manufacturers of industrial metal detection systems suitable for a variety of metal checking applications. We also provide comprehensive support solutions.

Our metal detection systems offer innovations and features improve the detection levels for metal contaminants, reduce product waste and lower the cost of ownership. Fortress Phantom metal detectors are straight forward and simple to use (single pack calibration), reliable in operation and offer the highest level of detection for metal contamination without false rejects.

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Large Bag Metal Detector

We supply market leading, impressively manufactured large bag metal detector systems. This includes the incomparable 'Big Bag Unit' from Fortress. It sets an untouchable industry standard for sensitivity levels, achieving 2.0mm stainless steel in 25 - 50 Kg bags of dry product. This large bag metal detector also detects ferrous and non-ferrous metal as small as 1.5 mm.

The large bag metal detector is offered by Fortress in conjunction with an integrated Vector conveyor system as an 'all-in-one' detection solution.

Large Bag Metal Detector

Vector Conveyor Systems

Our varied and all-application encompassing options in Vector Conveyor systems are all custom built to meet your specifications.

Vector Conveyor systems integrate with Phantom Standard Metal Detectors to provide a convenient and effective 'all-in-one' detection solution. Conveyors are built to customers’ specifications with the unique benefit of being designed to realise the full potential of the Phantom detector and maximizing the accuracy of the overall system.

Vector Conveyor Systems
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