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We have been one of UK's leading suppliers of industrial abrasives for over 40 years. Our abrasive product range covers grinding to cutting abrasives including discs.

Our grinding, cutting & flap disc range is suitable for many applications including treating aluminium and stainless steel. If you cannot find the right abrasives product, please contact us for further information.


ARC Welding

Manual metal arc welding, or stick welding as it is more commonly known, uses electricity to burn a flux coated electrode and lay a weld. Foster Industrial is proud to offer a selection of stick welding inverters with 110, 240 and 415 volt input capability to suit every site requirement.

Foster Industrial supply the following arc welding and welding products:

  • Mild steel arc electrodes
  • Welding cable connectors
  • Arc Welding accessories
  • Stainless electrodes
  • Welding cable
  • MMA/stick welders

Gas Welding

We have been a specialist supplier of industrial gases and gas welding equipment since the early 1970s when we became an Air Products agent. We put safety first and we have assembled a range of equipment for gas welding based on build quality and full traceability.

We supply the following:

  • Gas cylinder trolleys
  • Gas hand equipment
  • Gas regulators
  • Gas welding hoses
  • Gas welding nozzles
  • Flashback arrestors

MIG Welding

We are a specialist MIG welding company to meet the requirements you need and the budget you have. Our range of MIG welding falls into three categories: light industrial, industrial and heavy industrial.

We supply the following MIG welding products and services:

  • Aluminium MIG wires
  • Anti spatter
  • Binzel MIG torches/spares
  • MIG machines
  • Mild steel MIG wires
  • Stainless MIG wires
  • Tregaskiss MIG spares

Plasma Cutting

We have been designing and manufacturing the world's finest plasma cutting equipment. Hypertherm has maintained its position as the industry number one by delivering the tools its customers need to achieve their best results.

The Hypertherm Powermax systems are light and easy to carry and because they only used compressed air. They are very simple to setup and use. Hypertherm plasma beats oxy-fuel on every level. Our selection of Hypertherm Powermax machines, ensure that all your metal cutting requirements can be met.

We supply the following Hypertherm products and services:

  • Hypertherm accessories
  • Hypertherm consumables
  • Hypertherm machines
  • Hypertherm torches

Welders PPE

We have a huge range of welders PPE and all of our equipment is available to buy online.

Our range of personal protection includes many different products such as 3M Speedglas Adflo, eye protection, Pulsafe Visors, dust masks, welder's clothing, and welders gauntlets.

Our range of welders PPE is huge so please visit our website for the full list.

TIG Welding

We have a comprehensive range of TIG welding machines to ensure that all your TIG welding requirements are met.

Our TIG welding products and services include, TIG spares, TIG torches, Sif brazing, filler wires, stainless steel TIG filler wires, and TIG tungsten.

Welding Machines

We have a wide range of welding machines and accessories including fabrication machines. These include Hypertherm plasma cutters, weld fume extractors, welder generators, air compressors and MIG / TIG welding equipment.

Every one of our welding machines is supported by a comprehensive one, two or three year warranty package. If you have any specific requests for welding machines, please contact us and we would be happy to help.


The decision to invest in a top quality plasma cutter will always be a good one, especially if you put your faith in Hypertherm products. With the help of these three year warranty backed, rugged and reliable plasma cutting machines, your workshop or garage will be able to deal with your metal cutting needs with ease. It doesn’t matter if you work in maintenance, farming, the industrial sector, or you simply like the idea of tackling hands on manual tasks without having to call in the experts, because this market leading range of plasma cutting machines are here to make heavy duty jobs easier. They are significantly more accurate than hand held oxy/fuel cutters, hacksaws and shears, are simple to operate, and offer great value for money too.

Miller Welding

The Miller Welding company has been in operation ever since the 1920s, so it is one of the oldest manufacturers of welding equipment which exists in the US today. As a market leader in welding machine manufacture, the company name has become synonymous with quality and reliability. It is also known for its three year warranty packages, which guarantee excellence and superiority.

At Foster Industrial, we stock a wide range of Miller Welding machines, accessories, and welding helmets, with everything from stick, TIG, and MIG welders on offer at competitive prices.

Welding Helmets

We have worked alongside 3M Speedglas for over 20 years and watched as they’ve grown to be the number one welders PPE provider in the world. Through research and development and the constant strive for new innovations, the 3M Welding range which we stock, has evolved into two ranges 3M Speedglas & 3M Versaflo.

Weld fume extraction

Selection of mobile welding fume extraction products for the workshop.

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