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Specializing in Fire Fighting and Safety Equipment for over 40 years, our main products are Fire Hose and Fittings, Branchpipes and Monitors, Dry Riser Equipment, Fire Hydrant Valves, Rescue Equipment and Fire Fighting Clothing, including aluminised proximity suits.

Dry Riser Equipment

We stock a range of Dry Riser Equipment, for the protection of buildings, including:

  • Inlet and Outlet Cabinets
  • Gunmetal Gate Valves
  • Air release valves
  • Two-way pumping-in breeching
  • Four-way pumping-in breeching

For our full range of Dry Riser Equipment please visit our website.

Hydrant Flow Gauge

Our Hydrant Flow Gauge is used to investigate the flow rate and pressure in a water pipe or water mains.

The hydrant flow gauge, made from chromium plate brass, comprises a flow tube, manometer and static pressure testing assembly, all contained in a carrying case.

For more information on our Hydrant Flow Gauge please visit our website.

Foam Branchpipes

Our foam branchpipes and inductors are available in three different flow rates, 225 litres per minute, 450 LPM or 900 LPM. They can be supplied for use with either low expansion or medium expansion foam, and the branchpipes are available as self inducing models, if preferred. Standard versions are made from light alloy, epoxy coated international orange.

We also offer a stainless steel foam branchpipes for use with seawater.

Water/Foam Monitor

Our corrosion resistant bronze fixed Monitors are designed for flows up to 4500 litre per minute and can be either geared or lever operated. They have red enamel painted finish for extra protection.

The monitors are suitable for use with AFFF Foam/Water jet spray nozzles or stainless steel foam cannons. Our monitors are easily maintained and easy to operate.

For further information on our water/foam monitors please visit our website.

Fire Hose

Foco fire hoses  are made with a synthetic jacket and lightweight rubber lining and have a working pressure of either 20 or 25 bar in the 65mm diameter size.

The fire hoses can be either uncoated for economy or covered and lined with PVC/Nitrile to provide resistance to oils, chemicals and abrasion. All of our Fire hoses are made to BS6391 and JCDD1/1 standards and can be fitted with couplings.

Firemen's Axe and Belt

The Firemen's Axe and Belt package includes a black leather belt with chromium plated buckle, an axe pouch and fireman's axe with insulated handle. The axe handle has been tested to withstand 20,000 volts. Other axes are available, including crash axes and quadrant blade axes.

We also offer fire brigade ropes, including rescue, lowering, BA guide and personal lines.

Evacuation Chair

Our Evacuation Chair is essential for an emergency evacuation situation. The chair required no manual handling or heavy lifting and it can glide down stairs easily.

The evacuation chair is lightweight, compact and ensures comfort and security. Our evacuation chair is available with a cover, user guidance signage and wall bracket.

Aluminised Fire fighting Suit

We offer three styles of Aluminised Close Proximity Suits:

  • Aluminised Rayon One-Piece Proximity suit with zip fronted coverall.
  • Aluminised Rayon Two-Piece Proximity Suit with jacket and trousers.
  • Aluminised Rayon M.E.D. Fire Suit approved to EC Directive 96/98 for use on board ships

Our Aluminised Close Proximity suits come complete with accessories, helmet or aluminised hood, aluminised gloves and boots. For further information on our Aluminised Close Proximity suits please visit our website.



Black Rubber Gloves

The industrial black rubber gloves and gauntlets are ideal for protection against a wide range of acids and chemicals. They are available in three different weights- lightweight, mediumweight and heavyweight, and three different lengths - 270mm, 430 and 600mm.

All of the black rubber gloves are made to EN374 and EN388 and have curved fingers and rolled cuffs.

Safe Air Tester

The Safe Air Testers are designed for testing the quality of breathing air in cylinders or high pressure systems.

The F4001 Safe Air Testers can detect carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oil and water with the use of Draeger detector tubes, and test results can be stored within the memory and downloaded via a USB memory stick onto a PC. The  Safe Air Testers come complete with a carrying case .

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