Foursquare Farm Buildings


Since 1993, we have specialised in manufacturing agricultural buildings, enhanced by our company’s previous rich experience in the industry. We design, manufacture and erect high quality steel framed agricultural buildings nationwide, using only premium materials utilised in our own workshops. This ensures we can meet your exact requirements.

Commercial Buildings

At Foursquare, we specialise in designing, manufacturing and erecting commercial buildings to very high specifications, although we are always happy to custom make any shape or size building you specify.

We offer two ranges of value for money commercial buildings:

  • Sterling - designed as a flexible general purpose building
  • Victory - with its overhang canopy is intended for housing livestock
Commercial Buildings

Portal Frame Buildings

An understanding of portal frame mechanics coupled with design expertise reflects in the quality of our portal frame buildings. We utilise high standard bracing techniques producing portal frame buildings that are not wasteful of materials but highly performing and stable.

Portal Frame Buildings

Farm Buildings

Fibre cement roofing for resisting condensation and rust, Yorkshire boarding for side cladding and steel and timber roofs are a few examples we recommend for a typical farm building project. We will work with you to find the perfect structural solution for your farm building to ensure you cover all you specifications.

Farm Buildings

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