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FP International leads in the development of innovative loosefill and air cushion packaging.

Our air cushion packaging is available in a wide variety of sizes. Depending on your packaging application, we can offer an air cushion in a size and configuration to suit your packaging requirements.

Air Cushion Machines

FP International provides free on loan air cushion machines for our Cell-O, Novus and Pillow Pak products dependant upon the customers usage. The ambient air cushion machines that are provided fill the bags with air and seals them ready to ship your goods.

In addition to manufacturing protective packaging, FP recycles polystyrene foam (EPS) packaging and uses the polystyrene it recycles to make new loose fill packaging. With five recycling operations in the US and one in the UK, the company recycles over 4000 Tonnes per annum.

The company has sales/manufacturing facilities throughout the USA and has subsidiaries in England, France, Germany and Holland.

Further details about just some of our products can be seen below


Air Cushion Machines

Pillow Pak'R Packaging Machines

FP International’s new PILLOW PAK’R system converts 760 mm wide film into air cushions on demand to wrap your large products or to be used as a combination of wrap/void fill/protection.

The PILLOW PAK’R system is fast, up to 22 mtr per minute, and the roll is perforated every 18.5 cm for maximum packing flexibility. These packaging machines use an internal air source, no compressed air is needed.

A PILLOW PAK’R machine is easy to use and can be placed next to a pack station for on-demand packaging materials. The system is available with accessories to provide you integrated (in-line) solutions.

PILLOW PAK’R packaging machines use FP International’s patented air transfer technology; it allows air to move between cells providing cushioning and high protective packaging standards.

Pillow Pak'R Packaging Machines

Pillow Pak'R Packaging Film

Widest on-demand air cushions in the industry!

Use the new 760 mm wide film PILLOW PAK to save money and space!

Unlike traditional packaging materials, PILLOW PAK film offers much better cushioning properties due to the air transfer technology. No more bulky rolls of bubble to transport, handle or take up valuable storage space. Simply make packaging materials as you need it.

2 pallets of PILLOW PAK film are equivalent to 1 full truck load of Bubble.

1 roll of PILLOW PAK air cushions equals 2 to 6 bundles of bubble: saves space at your pack stations for greater flexibility.

PILLOW PAK is made on demand, creating fresh bubble: reduces clutter at pack stations and saves time.

Cost savings especially if bubble is wrapped around the product more than once. PILLOW PAK only requires 1 wrap!

PILLOW PAK’R is also a good protective packaging alternative to wrap your large/wide product!


Pillow Pak'R Packaging Film

Novus Air Cushion Packaging Machines

The Novus air cushions concept is an innovative protective packaging solution. NOVUS packaging machines inflate a variety of air cushions shapes from large cushions to quilt/pad shapes for a wide variety of applications. It's the most compact and fastest inflation system available, making packaging materials on demand whenever and wherever you require as it has its own internal air supply.

This product will solve your protective packaging challenges by increasing your speed of packing and reduces overall packaging material used, storage space and damage return rates. Novus air cushions are perfect to reduce your overall packaging spend.


Novus Air Cushion Packaging Machines

CELL-O EZ Air Cushions Packaging Machines

Cell-O air cushions are inflated using FP’s innovative range of packaging machines which can be either free standing or desktop, and can be produced on your site, on demand minimising storage of packaging materials. Cell-O air cushions can be used for a variety of voidfill, interleaving, layering or block and brace applications.


CELL-O EZ Air Cushions Packaging Machines

MINI PAK'R Packaging Machines

If you are looking for small packaging machines that produces air cushions on demand, which protect your goods during transport or storage, then FP International has the solution for you. FP International’s invention, the MINI PAK’R, serves your needs. These “smart” air cushion packaging machines inflates 5 different air cushions, using a small roll of film. By producing on demand, whenever and where ever you need it, the Mini Pak'R can eliminate storage of bulky packaging materials in your valuable storage space.

Thanks to its small size, these easy-to-use packaging machines fit anywhere. In your shop, at the packing table or besides your cashier on your counter!

  • The machine can be plugged in anywhere, using 230V. The machine has its own internal air source, using ambient air for inflating the air cushions.
  • Because of its small size, L x W x H = 36 x 33 x 28 cm, these packaging machines fit almost everywhere and can be easily transported to another location; it only weighs 6 Kg.!


MINI PAK'R Packaging Machines

FLO-PAK Green Packaging

FLO-PAK GREEN is the first ever polystyrene loosefill packaging materials made from 100% recycled polystyrene material which degrades in the presence of microorganisms and will degrade within 9-60 months. It can also be recycled and be re-used many times.

FLO-PAK Green protective packaging is coloured light-green and has the well-known figure 8-shape with a proven track, providing a superior protection to your products. Because of its interlocking properties, it is able to fill small voids and fulfil a memory effect within the box.

This sustainable product is the answer to the environmental challenges that companies face: it is made from 100% recycled content, reusable, 100% recyclable, consuming less energy during production and does not attract any rodents.


FLO-PAK Green Packaging

Automatic Delivery Packaging System

An ADS - short for Automatic Delivery System - is a system that enables automatic supply of packaging materials to one or more packing stations.

An ADS is suitable for the following FP products:

  • NOVUS™ Air cushions system
  • CELL-O™ Air cushions system

             o CELL-O EZ
             o CELL-O MARK II

  • FLO-PAK™ Loosefill chips

Before we start with a project, we make a sketch of the required packaging materials area with our proposal implemented. In this proposal all the customer’s requirements are included such as roll volume, no. of protective packaging tables, line speed, future modular extensions, safety guidelines, etc.)


Automatic Delivery Packaging System

Material Handling Packaging

In addition to the full AD Systems that F.P International offer we have extensive experience in utilising material handling accessories within a packaging materials environment.

Our aim is to improve our customer’s line efficiencies in a timely and cost effective manner, and to that end we have a solution for every company's protective packaging needs from providing items such as bins and winders through to semi automated systems improving the speed and efficiency of your packing lines.


Material Handling Packaging

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