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Here at Francis and Francis we are main dealers for INKOMA, POGGI, KBK, AWEK and PROXITRON flexible shaft couplings, spiral bevel gearboxes, trip dogs/rails and other PT products and electronic sensors.

Our Coupling range includes: INKOMA 'PK' Offset, 'LFK' Lineflex, 'IKT' Inkoturn and other flexible couplings; (alternatives to) SCHMIDT 'NSB' Offset and 'NFB' Semiflex and (for encoders) 'CPS' Controlflex, plus POGGI 'GDR' & 'GDA' Gear couplings and KBK 'KB' Metal Bellows plus 'KBK' Overload Safety Sprung-ball Clutch couplings. The ''DRB' Lineshaft is a recently added option.

The Spiral Bevel Gearboxes include: POGGI 'A.2000' & 'A.4000' Gleason 'Stocked' Ranges and INKOMA 'KL' Klingelnberg & 'KG' Hollow shaft units.

We’re a family business, celebrating circa 65 Years of trading (Est. 1950). We specialise in engineering specialities. Being vigilant suppliers to the UK and Eire markets, our European and American PT and electrical components are well supported by local stocks.

POGGI Stainless Bevel Gearbox

The POGGI stainless bevel gearbox allows you to achieve amazing corrosion resistance. It is perfect for use in the food production, pharmaceutical, shipbuilding, chemicals, textiles, and paper industries.

This is POGGI’s latest innovative, ‘ergonomic’ design of the A.5000 Series. It is made from AISI 316 Stainless Steel (Gleason Spiral Bevels) and it matches the external, flange, connections and shaft dimensions. Please contact us for more details.

INKOMA Maschinenbau GmbH

PK OFFSET and LINEFLEX flexible shaft couplings:

  • Same general dimensions and unique, drive features BUT:-
  • More competitively manufactured in-house
  • Larger +/-2mm axial tolerance (against +1/-0mm)
  • 'Axially-limited' headed-pin/needle bearings (preventing inadvertent component separation)

'Inkoflex,' 'KSO' (Oldham), 'Inkocross' (Axially loadable), Inkoturn and 'Elaflex' flexible couplings offer numerous other solutions, whilst Polygon and splined shafting, spindles and racking, with clamp rings and muff couplings; screw jacks, bevel gearboxes, spring-actuated/DC powered-release brakes and linear actuators completing the product palette.

PK Offset Coupling

This crank action coupling is for extreme parallel shaft offset. Exceptionally compact in length and a torsionally stiff, efficient torque transmission, shaft connector. It absorbs radial vibrations, compensates for variable parallel shaft offsets, without introducing side loads and installs in an exceptionally narrow envelope.

Applications include:  haul-off, printing, roll forming, feeding, converting and laminating, corrugated and paper making machines.

The light and standard duty ranges cover:

  • Maximum Offsets from +/- 12mm up to +/-150mm (each with a 25% min.), for
  • Nominal Datum (5,000hrs Life@50RPM) Torques (TKn): 1.4Nm to 6,480Nm                            
  • Shaft Diameters:Ø8mm, up to Ø140mm

The heavy duty range covers:

  • Maxmum Offsets: up to +/- 320mm, and
  • Maximum Static Torque (Tstat) of 450,000Nm


For more information you can view a video by clicking HERE

LFK LINEFLEX Inline/Offset Coupling

The pivoting link-pairs (each at 90°) coupling compensates for all forms of shaft misalignment; a torsionally-stiff, true constant velocity, precision shaft connector.

It accommodates bedding down, assembly, manufacturing tolerance, wear and specific operation alignment limitations. Angular velocity of connected shafts remains totally synchronised irrespective of misalignment and no restoring reaction forces are induced to load the support bearings.

Applications include: printing, packaging and mechanical handling machines, testing units and machine tools.

For more information you can view a video by clicking HERE


IKT INKOTURN Encoder Coupling

Here at Francis and Francis, we supply the IKT INKOTURN encoder coupling derived from the LINEFLEX design. The larger radial shaft-misalignments (also angular) are situated in the acetal resin central ‘frog’ flex-element, with its parallel Link-Arm pairs pivoting one end on polished steel drive pins and bending along their length. Restoration forces are thus, relatively small and it transmits power efficiently, with high torsional rigidity, backlash-free, at constant velocity.

The IKT INKOTURN encoder coupling has vibration damping, electrical insulation and anodised aluminium, easy-fit Clamp-Lock hubs. It is a short, light-weight and thus, high speed coupling. Both single and higher torque capacity, double flex-element, (longer drive pin) ranges are available.    
Applications include:

  • Encoders
  • Tachos
  • Resolvers
  • Transmitters
  • Measuring Systems
  • Control drives
  • Packaging and Paper machines
  • Printers


For more information you can view a video by clicking HERE

KSO [Oldham Type] Coupling

The simple 3-part KSO coupling provide radially-free slide actions, transmits torque at high levels, backlash-free and at constant velocity. The KSO coupling absorbs all forms of misalignment (within strict limits) with low restoring forces. With some vibration damping and electrical insulation, good fail-safe characteristic design and material and with an easy-replacement, Delrin, Nylon, or brass central element between aluminium, or steel hubs, it is a universally easy-fit solution.

For more information you can view a video by clicking HERE


The KWK INKOCROSS coupling has two steel pins acting as circular planular keys, locked into shallow grooves, cut at 90° to each other, on either side of the central steel Disc. Each KWK INKOCROSS coupling pin also slots radially into a deep circular-section, low friction, bushed groove, across the inner face of the two steel end-hubs, enabling large radial and angular movements.

As the bushed groove, circular-section, in both end-hubs exceeds 180 degs, all 3 coupling discs are axially retained, within a tight tolerance; thereby making the design ideal for precise transmission of axial push-pull actions, as well as a torsionally stiff rotary drive connector

For more information you can view a video by clicking HERE



In the 3 ring IFK/IFE INKOFLEX Coupling design, a number of spring wrapped drive pins are fitted with end-stop and support washers, protruding through equi-spaced/sized holes. On the IFK/IFE INKOFLEX Coupling half of the pins are fixed to one end disc, with the remainder fixed to the other end disc.

Resultant characteristics offer a relatively high torsionally stiff, synchronized, drive connector, accommodating all misalignments.
In its single Disc form, the IFE version can be attached to the PK OFFSET coupling to provide some angular misalignment capacity, when shafts cannot be guaranteed to remain parallel.

For more information you can view a video by clicking HERE


The simple 3-component, flexible elastomer spider shaft connector is available in 3 versions:

  • Standard type EKF
  • Externally-fitted/removed-spider (wrap-round) type EFG
  • Spacer version, type EFL

These are suitable for universal applications including minor shaft misalignment compensation. hub material is Sintered, GG cast iron, aluminium, or steel, providing a positive, relatively stiff, fail-safe drive, with vibration damping and shock absorption. The hard wearing, simple and economically replaceable spiders are oil and ozone resistant, withstanding temperatures from -40° to +100°C.

For more information you can view a video by clicking HERE

Shaft Connection

Our shaft connection solutions include:

  • STANDARD (A1/A1) FLANGED End Discs: for all ranges (except the INKOTURN and ELAFLEX), with centering spigot hole and fixing bolt holes (outward facing for 'PK' range - Bolts to DIN 7984 and 6912), to bolt to finish bored and keywayed Counter-flange hubs:- (a) Of Clients own supply, or with (b) Our GFL Units (A4/A4), or with (c) Our keyless Inkofix Tension Collets (A3/A3), or Our Shrink Discs option for the KSO (Oldham) type range
  • Integral BOSSED End Discs: Finish bored & keywayed, Externally-facing (A2/A2), or Internally-facing (A5/A5) for the LINEFLEX and INKOFLEX ranges
  • 'Half-Cap' SPLIT-BOSSED End Discs: finish bored and keywayed (A7/A7), enabling radial installation/removal of all coupling ranges, 'in-situ' (except the ELAFLEX).

Further product videos

Further videos about our products can be seen via the links below:

P3G & P4C Polygon & Splined SHAFTS & CONNECTORS

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KSH High Speed, Bevel Gear screw jacks

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KG Spiral Bevel, right angle gear oxes

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EFK ELAFLEX Spider couplings

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DSH Direct Torque Motor Driven (Synchronizeable) screw jacks

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