Franke GmbH


Manufacturing and distribution of customized antifriction bearings as bearing elements, slim bearings, bearing assemblies, slewing rings, angular ball bearings as well as aluminium linear systems.

Product range: bearings, bearing elements, slim bearings, bearing assemblies, slewing rings, axial bearings, radial bearings, angular ball bearings, gear, direct drive, special bearings, customized bearings, wire race bearings, roller guides, recirculating guides, guide rails, aluminium roller guides, linear axis, linear modules, positioning tables, linear motors, cnc-control units.

Highlights: customized versions, steel bearings, non-corrosive bearings, aluminium bearings, bronce bearings, integrated drive system, torque motor, gear, seal, high revolution, silent run, clean room specification, grease free, linear systems made of aluminium, linear systems made of non-corrosive.

Our products:
• thin section bearings
• special-design ball bearings
• rolling bearings
• wire roller bearings
• large roller bearings
• linear technology
• roller guides
• linear systems
• special roller bearings
• linear guides

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