Frederick Cooper (Birmingham) Ltd


Here at Frederick Cooper, we specialise in high quality automotive paint spraying. We are able to paint plastic and metal in our custom-made clean rooms at competitive prices.

As well as automotive paint spraying we are able to paint products including:

  • Electronics
  • Point of sale
  • Shop fittings
  • Electrical goods
  • White goods

Automotive Powder Coating

We provide extremely high standard automotive powder coating in large volumes to suit your requirements. We have the knowledge and experience to solve automotive powder coating problems quickly, efficiently and affordably.

Industrial Powder Coating

At Fredrick Cooper, we offer industrial powder coating to provide you with a wide range of colours and finishes. We are highly experienced in high quality industrial powder coating for the electronics, automotive, white goods, electrical goods, shop fitting and general industrial sectors.

We are able to paint most metal and plastic parts in small or large volumes to very high standards at competitive prices.

Screen Printing

We provide in-house screen printing services in a wide assortment of colours and custom designs. Our high quality screen printing is cost effective and we work with a variety of specialist printers for work beyond our capabilities.

Pad Printing

We provide pad printing, laser marking and engraving services for simple product branding requirements. Our pad printing enables us to print your custom designs in single colour, quickly and efficiently. We work closely with specialist printers for more complex designs and colours where required.

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