- YEAR FOUNDED provides a complete freight ferry shipping and transport solutions service on over 500 routes for commercial vehicles throughout Europe for Lorry, Van, Rigid, or Articulated vehicles.

Visit our website, for online real-time freight ferry ticket quotes, free advice about freight forwarding, and booking, or call us on 01772 282592 for a quote today.

  • Competitive rates
  • Online freight bookings - compare routes, quick, easy and simple
  • Experienced, multi-lingual staff that hold knowledge of complex routes
  • Bookings for all types of freight vehicles, including unaccompanied, dangerous, and abnormal loads
  • Personal freight accounts for customers

Operators we deal with include:

  • Acciona
  • Blue Star Ferries
  • Brittany Ferries
  • Cobelfret
  • DFDS
  • EuroTunnel
  • Irish Ferries
  • LD Lines
  • My Ferry Link
  • Nordo Link
  • P&O
  • Pol Ferries
  • Scandlines
  • StenaLine
  • Viking Line and more.

Freight Ferries provides freight ferry ticket solutions online for small and large couriers and/or transport shippers for:

i) over 500 routes for commercial vehicles throughout Europe

ii) over 30 operators available

iii) compare and contrast freight ferry tickets all in one place

iv) account management online, cash and card payment available, special offers, vehicle track and trace, free SMS's

v) freight ferry knowledge centre including tips and advice, news, and videos about the freight industry

Visit our website for free online freight ferry ticket quotes, free advice about freight forwarding, and booking, or call us on 01772 282592 for a quote today. 

Freight Ferries

Freight Ferry Timetables

Freightlink route information

If you know which ferry route you wish to travel on, you can select a route in our freigfht ferry search engine - it's simple, quick, efficient, and easy.

For example, if you select Liverpool to Dublin ferries, this will show prices and times for Liverpool - Dublin.

Alternatively, if you know the country you wish to travel to, select this from the drop down menu and it will show you all freight ferry routes for this country. There are tabs on the page which allow you to select the different vehicle requirements etc.

If you don't know what freight ferry route you need or how you can get to your destination we also have a popular destinations page comparing freight ferry prices for many popular routes.

Freight Ferry Timetables

Expansive list of Freight Ferry Operators

Freight Ferry Operators available online

We have built up a good relationship over many years with some of the UK's most important freight ferry operators - we offer over 40 freight ferry operators with more than 500 routes.

Our customer services department have daily operational contact with all the manjor freight ferry operators. Whether you are travelling to Latvia, Poland or Portugal, we can provide you with a choice of routes that cater to needs. You decide and we provide. 

You can compare prices online and then book online or if you prefer to call or chat you can click on a homepage chat button now and communicate with our customer service team.

Expansive list of Freight Ferry Operators

Backloading and Reloading

Freightlink Reload is a freight forwarding specialist | Reloads freight vehicles daily, of all sizes and vehicles including vans, lorry, rigids, and articulated, to all Western, Central and Eastern European destinations.  We can help you sort out loads so you don't return empty handed.

Why use Freightlink Reload?

  • Get the best our of a vast haulage network of Freightlink Ferry clients
  • Exclusive access to the optimum equipment and offers across destinations
  • Closed Specialised network for complete control
  • European wide vehicle availability
  • Freight planning and service trust and reliability through long term contracts and partnerships
  • All vehicle types for freight trannsport and freight forwarding

Visit: the freight forwarding specialist for more than a decade.

Backloading and Reloading

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