Freudenberg Simrit Lp

Freudenberg Simrit LP are the technology specialists for seals and vibration control parts. The Simrit range of services includes expert advice on both standard products and specific solutions, together with on-site product stocks for swift delivery response.

The Simrit brand encompasses many powerful product brands such as:
  • Simmerring©
  • Merkel©
  • Meillor
  • Integral Accumulator©
  • ISC O Ring
  • Simriz
The Simrit brand conveys a commitment to offer customers the best service and the greatest possible benefit to their products. Simrit offers a diverse product programme comprising of more than 80,000 seal and vibration control items, including:
  • Simmerring® Radial Shaft Seals
  • Merkel® Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals / Packings
  • Bellows, Diaphragms and Precision Moulded Parts
  • O-Rings
  • Components for Vibration Technology
  • Integral Accumulator Hydro-accumulators
  • Meillor Flat and Frame Gaskets
  • Lederer liquid sealing
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