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Fronius UK

We create new technologies and solutions for monitoring and controlling energy. For battery charging systems, welding technology and solar electronics. While others develop gradually, we innovate in leaps and bounds by shifting the limits of what`s possible.


Perfect Welding

Fronius has been researching, developing and manufacturing welding technology for decades. To create joins that were previously unimaginable. To start revolutions. Revolutions that change the future for the better.

MIG/MAG, TIG, MMA, Plasma, Laser-Hybrid and resistance welding


Solar Energy

Our highly functional grid-connected inverters are efficient, reliable and powerful. They form the indispensable heart of every PV system.

Working with inverter technology has never been as easy as it is with our new SnapINverter generation. The inverters impress with their thoroughly sophisticated design and interfaces and the integrated All-In-One communication package.
This makes installation and commissioning, as well as operation and servicing, extremely efficient in terms of time and costs.

Perfect Charging

In the past, price was the key factor when purchasing an internal transport system that consisted, for example, of an electric forklift truck, traction battery and battery charger. At a time of rising electricity and battery prices, attention is increasingly turning towards ongoing operating costs. Fronius has the answer to the problem of how to lower these costs - Active Inverter Technology.



As well as perfect products, Fronius provides a comprehensive service package. It starts with preliminary investigations, proceeds through prototyping and testing on actual parts to efficiency measurements of various types of process, individual configuration and finally commissioning. The package also includes training, production support and after-sales services as required. We place a lot of emphasis on customer satisfaction.

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