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We are a principal manufacturer and supplier of fuel storage equipment and provide a variety of bunded tanks and fuel bowsers specifically for diesel and gas oil. Our range of bunded tanks and fuel bowsers include: 

  • Static bunded Fuelcubes
  • Static bunded Fuelstores
  • Bunded generator tanks
  • Bulk fuel storage tanks
  • Highway tow bunded bowsers
  • Site tow bunded bowsers

Our range for waste oil applications include bunded waste oil tanks and water storage tanks and bowsers designed for the water storage sector.

We also supply a diversity of fuel delivery equipment including pumps, nozzles, flow meters, and filters as well as bunded tanks and bowsers for aviation fuel. This range includes static bunded fuelstores, highway bunded bowsers and bulk aviation tanks.

Diesel Storage Tanks

We are proud of our reputation as a quality manufacturer of fuel and diesel storage tanks and equipment. We strive to provide our customers with products at unbeatable and affordable prices.

We manufacture products, like our diesel storage tanks, to meet our customer's specific requirements and to ensure production costs are kept to a minimum we provide our products at low prices. Our diesel storage tanks include bulk diesel storage tanks, highway diesel bowsers and site tow diesel fuel bowsers. For further specifications and information visit our website.

Diesel Storage Tanks

Fuel Dispensing Equipment

We produce a comprehensive range of fuel dispensing equipment such as spill kits, hoses, all-in-one dispensing systems, filters, and nozzles.

We supply electric, portable fuel pumps for transferring diesel highly effective for dispensing fuel when only battery power is available and our fuel dispensing equipment consists of high quality, durable flow meters ideal for use with diesel, biodiesel, kerosene, and petrol.

Fuel Dispensing Equipment

Domestic Heating Oil Tanks

Our range of steel domestic heating oil tanks are designed to provide high security measures and reduce the risk of theft, spillage and the fines often related to these incidents. Keeping your domestic heating oil tanks safe is a consideration at a time when the price of heating oil is continually on the increase.

Our oil tanks are built to last with all-steel construction and durable finishes to protect against harsh environments and changing elements. We also aim to provide our customers with user friendly products able to stand the test of time and therefore, our domestic heating oil tanks are offered with a 10-year warranty. For further information, overviews and specification visit our website today.

Domestic Heating Oil Tanks

Water Storage

We also manufacture water storage facilities and pressure washer bowsers at competitive prices and with exceptional high standards of quality. Our water storage equipment is available with static, highway towable and site towable options. All feature a durable polyethylene tank mounted on a galvanised tubular steel base or chassis.

Water Storage

Waste Oil Tanks

Our bunded waste oil tanks are manufactured with 1,400 litres and 2,500 litres capacities and have durable steel constructions.

They are also:

  • 110 percent bunded in accordance with PPG2
  • Galvanised with a tubular steel chassis
  • An excellent solution for storing waste oil
  • Weather-tight hatch with heavy duty mesh strainer

Our waste oil tanks offer an outstanding way of storing waste oil in small to medium sized applications and the fully welded, double cylinder design protect against potentially hazardous spills and leaks.

Waste Oil Tanks
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