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Fulton Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of steam, hot water, thermal fluid boilers, packaged plant rooms and skid-mounted systems for industrial, commercial and medical applications. It is part of the Fulton Group of Companies, which as well as in the UK, has manufacturing plants in the USA, China, and operates on five continents, reinforcing Fulton’s reputation as a worldwide leader in the development of heat transfer products.

Fulton Ltd has over 60 years of experience globally, with over 45 years in the UK and provides full design, commissioning and aftersales support services. The company’s standard range of products is backed up by bespoke turnkey capabilities. Fulton take responsibility for the turnkey package from concept, to commissioning on site and back it up with excellent aftersales support. 

Fulton has remained an industry leader in the design and manufacture of steam boilers since being established in 1949. With minimal footprints and flexible configurations, our range of vertical and horizontal steam boilers offer the most complete solutions for virtually every type of industrial application.  

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Vertical Fuel-Fired Steam Boilers

Fulton's range of vertical fuel-fired steam boilers all have compact designs, with minimal footprints with a steam output of 96 - 2348 kg/h. All can be incorporated onto a skid-mounted system or in a packaged plant room.

  • J Series Gas/Oil/Dual Fuel: 96 - 960 kg/h (modulating burners available, including retro fit modulating burners for 30J - 60J boilers 
  • JFS (Flash Steam): 160-320 kg/h Steady State :  300 - 680 kg/h Peak Demand
  • VMP (Vertical Multi-Port): 626 - 2348 kg/h



Horizontal Fuel-Fired Steam Boilers

Fulton's range of horizontal fuel-fired steam boilers are highly efficient and extremely durable. Steam output ranges from 957 - 10400 kg/h.

  • RBC: 957 - 4787 kg/h
  • FB-S & FB-C: 6400 - 10400 kg/h

Electric Steam Boilers

Fulton have an extensive range of electric steam boilers, including compact boilers and boilers that have integrated feed water tanks and pumps. All electric steam boilers have a compact design with minimal footprint. Steam output ranges from 14 - 2393 kg/h. All can be incorporated onto a skid-mounted system or into a packaged plant room.

  • Mini Compack: 14 - 28 kg/h
  • Midi Compack: 38 - 78 kg/h
  • Dragon: 24 - 115 kg/h
  • CleanSteam: 24 - 319 kg/h
  • E.F.S (Electric Flash Steam): 38 - 115 kg/h
  • Electropack: 29 - 160 kg/h
  • Europack: 239 - 479 kg/h
  • FB-L: 798 - 2398 kg/h


Hot Water Boilers

Fulton’s new highly-efficient FHE-250 low-temperature hot water boiler is available as a 250kW model and features a fully-condensing, stainless steel heat exchanger. A modular approach to its design means that additional boilers can be combined to suit any application and hot water requirement. For ease of use and to simplify set-up, the FHE uses a single control panel which is capable of controlling a single unit or a modular installation. 

  • FHE-250: 250kW (Ability to cascade 12 FHE-250 models allows up to 3000kW output)



Thermal Fluid Heaters

Thermal fluid heater systems are provided in association with the Fulton Thermal Corporation in the USA. The range includes models with heat outputs of up to 3500kW and operating temperatures of up to 345¿C.

Systems feature a four-pass high efficiency design utilising preheating combustion air. They have a compact construction which can be skid-mounted with a circulating pump, expansion tank and related pipe work. 


  • FT-C (Vertical Coil Design): 235kW – 4.1MW 
  • FT-N (Vertical Electric Design): 22kW – 500kW 
  • FT-HC (Horizontal Coil Design): 0.7MW – 5.9MW 



Skid-Mounted Systems & Packaged Plant Rooms

Fulton offer a complete service for the design, manufacture, assembly and commissioning of prefabricated skid-mounted systems and packaged boiler plant rooms. All steam and hot water boilers in the Fulton range can be incorporated onto skids or into plant rooms, bespoke plant rooms are designed to customer specifications.

A typical plant room package will include: boiler blowdown separator, feed water and condensate return tank, water treatment and control system with interconnecting mechanical and electrical services.

These systems are especially beneficial for projects where on-site work is difficult or limited by time, where access is remote or restricted, or where security is an important consideration.



Ancillary Equipment

A steam boiler is just one part of a well designed steam system. A means to collect condensate and handle blowdown water are necessary processes for nearly all steam systems. In addition, some level of water treatment is required to ensure system durability and reliability. Many steam applications are unique and will require specific types of accessories engineered to work in unison to provide a solution to a customers needs.



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