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At Fun Matters we can supply everything you will ever need for corporate events including team building and a wide range of activity based days. We’ll design the perfect programme suitable for businesses and organisations of any size and ensure that everyone involved has a fun-filled, action-packed day that they won’t forget in a hurry.
This will help re-energise and rejuvenate not only your staff, but your customers as well if you want to invite them along. We can organise corporate events for anything from 50 to 300 people.
In just one day your employees will learn how to work as a team, improve their leadership abilities, enhance their problem solving skills and learn how to communicate with each other, while at the same time having a lot of fun. A great variety of games and puzzles, together with fun on inflatables, will enable your employees to relax, de-stress, and learn at the same time

Corporate Events Devon

Fun Matters are based in Devon and offer a wide range of activities for businesses, organisations, schools and colleges.
It’s A Knockout is one of our most popular and sought after team building and corporate events. Combining a range of exciting challenges and games, It’s A Knockout is perfect for promoting teamwork and healthy competition between employees in different departments and will benefit any type of organisation.

We combine a number of different games and challenges that each team must face and they score points along the way. At the end of the day the top two teams will play in a “sudden death” play-off to determine who will be crowned champion of It’s A Knockout.

We can accommodate any size of group between 50 and 300 people for our It’s A Knockout and team building exercises. We incorporate the very best of all our different activities together with first class equipment to ensure that employees will have a fun-filled day that they will talk about in the weeks to follow.

"It's a Knock Out"

Our It’s A Knockout in Devon events have been exceptionally well received by many different types of organisations and we have gained many new ideas along the way. For instance, you could incorporate fancy dress costumes, joker cards, giant balls, incredible props, bubbles, and lots of water. This will make your It’s A Knockout day even more entertaining not only for the competitors, but the spectators as well.

Among the games we can offer for It’s A Knockout are:
• Big Challenge Assault Course
• Bungee Run
• Stretch And Score
• Team Skis
• Roller Rafts
• Jousting
• Acid River
• Archery
• Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting
• Water Pool
• Mini Assault Course
• Sumo Suits
And many more.

We can create an It’s A Knockout in Devon fun day especially for you, tailored to exactly what you require for your particular organisation. No two of these days are ever the same, except in the end result which is for the benefit of everyone involved. We will happily sit down with you and plan a day that is exactly in line with your aspirations and requirements.


It’s quite possible that you have never seen anyone using a bow and arrow, yet The Grand National Archery Society (GNAS) has over 40,000 members who belong to no less than 1,100 clubs across the UK. It is also now an Olympic sport, so there are a considerable number of people who enjoy it.
Now you can join them by having a go yourself with our archery in Devon equipment. We use aluminium arrows and a variety of different bows to suit all ages and strengths. All the equipment is checked and maintained to the highest standard and we have GNAS qualified instructors to teach, instruct and supervise as necessary.

Laser Clay Shooting

Laser clay shooting in Devon is a wonderful sport for any event. As with archery it can be a great draw for summer events such as garden fetes and other village functions because it is something different and a lot of people will want to try it. When we run these events there is always a queue of people waiting to have their turn next and see if they can out-shoot their friends and neighbours.
It is also something that is suitable for all ages. Whether you are seven or seventy you can come along and have a go – and in our experience the seven year olds often out-shoot the seventy year olds!

Bouncy Castles to hire Devon

We have a fantastic range of bouncy castles to hire in Devon. We have bouncy castles to suit all ages, even for the young at heart! Our bouncy castles to hire in Devon will keep kids of all ages entertained at any event.

Jousting Hire

Our jousting hire is ideal for those who want a crazy event. Knock your contestant off their pedestal much to the amusement of the spectators! Jousting hire always proves to be a big hit at social nights and charity events. We always carry out full risk assessment prior to your event.

Sumo Wrestling Hire

Our sumo wrestling hire will provide lots of excitement and laughs for kids and adults. We provide sumo wresting hire with high quality equipment for great fun!


Rodeo Bull Hire

Our rodeo bull hire will grab everyone's attention and provide excellent entertainment for any event. Our rodeo bull hire is ideal for social nights, special occasions and fast paced Wild West nights.   

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