We supply shell and tube heat exchangers for all requirements in machine and plant engineering.

For over three decades, we have been developing and manufacturing shell and tube heat exchangers with a 2,000 square metre heat exchanger surface. We now supply quality heat exchangers for all current designs and industrial applications.

Heat Exchanger Manufacturers

We are professional heat exchange manufacturers who provide plate heat exchangers in a comprehensive range to meet many requirements found in the machinery and plant sectors.

As heat exchangers manufacturers we can offer a unique 'off-set' system. This system, with asymmetrical flow gaps, produces an efficient and cost-effective apparatus.

The performance of these heat exchangers is 17 percent higher than conventional plate heat exchangers.

Heat Exchanger Manufacturers

Plate Heat Exchangers

For more than three decades we have specialised in the development and manufacture of plate heat exchangers with up to 2,000 square metre heat exchanger surface for all current industrial applications and designs. 

In the field of plate heat exchangers, we provide a range of products able to meet almost any requirement in machine and plant engineering.

Plate Heat Exchangers

Oil / Air Cooling Units

We offer a wide range of standard units that can now meet most of the applications in the field of oil/air cooling units. We have 17 sizes of the OKAN oil/air cooling units available with a heat dissipation of max. 6,2 kW/K.

For plant engineering and for series producers we are developing project related special designs that include:

  • OKAN II (System Längerer & Reich)
  • Frame design for all common applications
  • Series with 65 mm core depth
  • Special suitability for mobile hydraulics
Oil / Air Cooling Units

Electrical Oil Pre-Heaters

Our electrical oil pre-heaters can heat oil, emulsions and fluids (not easily flammable) by electric current concerning machines and plants in external sphere. The maximum temperature electrical oil pre-heaters is 200oC.
Our technical data includes:
  • Heat duty 3 - 100 kW
  • Max. operating pressure (< 6kW / > 9kW) 25 / 16 bar
  • Max. final temperature 80°C
 Our designs and materials include:
  • Heating element with bent heating rods (like a U-tube bundle)
  • Shell: steel
  • Regularly equipped with thermostat
Electrical Oil Pre-Heaters

Titanium Plate Heat Exchangers

Plate material:

  • Standard: stainless steel 1.4301/AISI 304, 1.4401/AISI 316
  • Optionally: 1.4539, 254 SMO, titanium

Technical data:

  • Heat exchange surface per plate: 0,04 - 3 m²
  • Max. design pressure: 25 bar
  • Max. design temperature: 195°C
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