FUR Wickeltechnologie GmbH


F.U.R. Wickeltechnologie GmbH is a company engaged in the development and production of winding machines for the electrical industry. The company can look back on a tradition of more than 125 years in mechanical engineering. Their expertise and experience in the industry are reflected by their great number of patents, many of which can still be used today. These patents serve the employees as an innovative basis for new developments in winding technology and in the further development of existing products. The company also exclusively markets all the rights for the expertise of the former international companies “Ramm” and “Froitzheim & Rudert”. Modifications of traditional products and new developments by the engineering team have helped the company achieve an even firmer foothold on the international market in recent years. The customer-oriented company policy is reflected in its performance figures. Their innovative products are highly valued internationally.

F.U.R. Wickeltechnologie GmbH

All their machines come equipped with programmable logic controllers “PLC”.

Their range of machines include:
• Toroidal core winding machines and robots
• Stator winding machines and robots
• Combined wire and taping machines
• Lacing machines and semiautomatic machines
• Form coil lacing machines
• Lacing machines for generator bars
• Heating element and spiral winding machines
• Spiral winding machines
• Layer winding and toroidal winding machines
• Transformer winding machines
• Metal sealing winding machines
• Armature winding machines
• Feather machines
• Wire brakes
• Wire winding machines
• Wire rewinding machines
• Wire and taping processes
• Motor-driven processes

F.U.R. Wickeltechnologie GmbH

F.U.R. Wickeltechnologie GmbH

The company’s service profile also includes:
• Reconditioning of used winding machines and equipment to meet the latest standards in technology and control
• Machining of all standard mechanical engineering materials
• Mechanical or electromechanical component assembly
• PLC programming

The company offers its customers comprehensive advice and support for solving their winding problems. F.U.R. has been present at the CWIEME in Berlin since its opening about 20 years ago and shows the national and international audience its latest generation of machines every year.

The expertise of F.U.R. Wickeltechnologie GmbH stands for cooperation and success.

Dipl.-Ing. Hans Rudert Marion Rudert, CEO

Our products:
• coiling machines for the electrical industry
• toroidal winding machines
• wire winding and reeling machines
• winding technology
• reel brakes
• construction of special-purpose machines
• spiral winding machines
• coil winding machines

F.U.R. Wickeltechnologie GmbH
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