Furbanks' Ltd

Furbanks (The Stereotypers) Ltd opened it's doors in 1965. It began with just 2 members of staff and an old Linotype machine crerating slugs, moulds and rubber stereos, we generated artwork by hand and using diatype and lumitype machines before shooting negs to create plates.

We moved into the digital age with our first macs in 1991 & creating films via imagesetter and supplying analogue flexo plates to flexible packaging printers. Our reputation soon grew, along with our client base and the need for more staff.

Furbanks is a family owned business dedicated to manufacturing and supplying high quality: Photopolymer Letterpress Plates   -  Carton sealing tape (packaging) plates  -  Magnesium Hot Stamping plates Flexographic Printing plates  -  Label Printing Plates  -  Greeting Card Glitter (Flitter) Printing Plates  -  Varnish Plates

Flexo Polymer Printing Plates

Plate making is the heart of our business; we can produce a comprehensive selection of high quality printing plates in a range of materials and sizes.

Flexo Polymer Printing Plates


Furbanks can produce negative film or positive film from artwork in digital files you supply. We also have highly skilled designers who can create artwork for your specific requirements.


Origination Artwork

Our highly skilled in house team are able to provide a second to none typesetting and origination service for applications such as:

  • Business forms 
  • Leaflets
  • Envelopes
  • Labels
  • Paper and polythene bags
  • Corrugated packaging
Origination Artwork

Furbanks' Ltd Overview