Lightning is one of nature’s most powerful and destructive phenomena. Lightning strikes present a real and significant threat - to life, to the structures in which we live and work, and to the electronic systems which support us in our daily lives.

Lightning contains awesome amounts of electrical energy. Lightning discharges have been measured from several thousand to over 200,000 Amps (enough to light half a million 100 Watt bulbs) and even though of a very short duration, can cause tremendous damage and destruction.

The consequences of lightning can be devastating:

  • Direct lightning strikes damage structures, and create fire, explosion and electric shock hazards.
  • Indirect lightning (up to a kilometre away) creates transient overvoltages which degrade electronic systems and disrupt essential services.


Secondary Effects of Lightning

The effects of a direct strike are obvious and immediately apparent - buildings damaged, trees blown apart, personal injuries and even loss of life.

However, the secondary effects of lightning - the short duration, high voltage spikes called transient overvoltages - can, and do, cause equally catastrophic, if less visually obvious, damage to electronic systems within structures.

The need for a Total Solution 

Lightning protection throughout the world is now governed by National and International standards which stress the need for a comprehensive solution. Simply put, a structural lightning protection system cannot and will not protect electronic systems from lightning currents and transient overvoltages, that’s why we advocate a Total Solution to earthing and lightning protection. This approach to lightning protection is now fully endorsed by the IEC/BS EN 62305, as well as NFPA 780 standards.

Therefore the Furse approach delivers effective life safety, together with long lasting, reliable protection of a structure and the electronic systems within. We believe the Furse Total Solution is the best available solution for achieving effective, dependable, long term lightning protection and earthing. Protecting against the consequences of lightning is now of paramount importance in any building design, our Total Solution covers a wide range of sectors, for which we have tailored products and services.

Secondary Effects of Lightning

Structural Lightning Protection

Protecting your building or structure against lightning is imperative and our structural lightning protection solutions are comprehensive. They guarantee the highest levels of reliability and safety.

The range includes:

Structural Lightning Protection

Earthing Materials

The combination of Furse earth electrodes, clamps, conductors and equipotential bonding bars which provide lightning and transient overvoltage energy with an effective, low resistance route from the lightning protection system to earth.

The range includes:

  • Earth rods and conductor systems
  • Mechanical earth clamps and bonds
  • FurseWELD exothermic welding
  • Earth bars and equipotential bonding
Earthing Materials

Electronic Systems Protection

Our exhaustive range of equipotential bonding and transient overvoltage SPDs providing fully coordinated protection against transient overvoltages on all incoming and outgoing metallic service lines including power, data, signal & telecoms.

The range includes:

  • Lightning Equipotential Bonding SPDs
  • Mains power transient overvoltage SPDs
  • Data, signal & telecommunication lines SPDs
  • DC power & photovoltaic system SPDs
Electronic Systems Protection

Design & Technical Support

Furse technical design teams ensure all designs for lightning protection, earthing and transient overvoltage protection meet relevant national and international standards, whilst our sales engineers provide key updates on lightning protection matters.

Design & Technical Support

Seminars & product training

Lightning protection is a progressive industry underpinned by an adherence to British, European and international standards which determine both the design and implementation of systems, and the control of product quality.

These national and international standards are regularly updated making it important to keep abreast of latest developments.

Given the complexity of the standards, confusion and misinterpretation can easily lead to project delays, budget overruns and costly extra time on site. We aim to help customers avoid these risks, fully supporting Furse product ranges with high quality technical support services.

We’re here to help 

We have tailored a range of support and training solutions to help our customers acquire a greater understanding of earthing, lightning and transient overvoltage protection, and thereby to help clarify the IEC/BS EN 62305 standards.

Our support solutions currently include:

  • CIBSE CPD accredited training seminars on the IEC/BS EN 62305 standard
  • NEW seminar on transient overvoltage protection to BS 7671
  • Tailored courses/briefings at customer premises
  • Technical Guide to BS EN 62305
  • StrikeRisk software covering the risk assessment process defined in BS EN 62305-2
Seminars & product training
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