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In peak condition at the science location – individual EMC solutions at the campus for science, economics and technology in Berlin-Adlershof – know-how is irreplaceable. We developed the first radio interference filter in 1986 – since then we have grown to one of the leading supplier of EMC solutions. A good basis for this success has been the experience of 100 years development and production of electromagnetic controllers, transformers and rectifiers. Today, our range of services is divided into the following areas: EMC interference suppression of electrical facilities, voltage quality, filters for systems for generation of renewable energies, e-mobility.

We offer our customers solutions, the individual consulting always ranks first. As medium-sized service provider we possess a lean structure for short developmental periods due to an own metrological laboratory, effective production and quick delivery to customers. We develop and manufacture in Germany. We consistently implement sustainable production methods. Get to know our FUSS-EMV service team

FUSS-EMV Ing. Max Fuss GmbH + Co KG

EMC filters and harmonic filters are the precondition for complying with the limit values according to EN standards for the following areas:

  • Drive systems
  • mechanical engineering
  • apparatus engineering
  • biomedical engineering
  • engine test benches
  • centrifuges
  • electrical rails
  • ventilating and air-conditioning systems
  • lifts, elevators
  • cranes
  • complete partial loads of electrical networks
  • escalators
  • moving walkways
  • PV systems
  • wind turbines

Our products: power chokes, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) components, inductive components, isolating transformers, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) shieldings, sinusoidal filters, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) filters, choke coils, current limiting reactors, EMC engineering

FUSS-EMV Ing. Max Fuss GmbH + Co KG
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