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Formed in 1992, Fyne Packaging has grown steadily over the years to be one of the UKs best known short run box maker manufacturing company .over the years we have built up our machine sales covering all of the UK , Europe and as far a field as New Zealand.  

Due to the growth of the company we have recently moved into larger premises so as to have the machinery manufacturing and the sheet plant under one roof. Thus enabling us to run and test our machines in a production environment.

All of our machines are simple to install and use .over the years we have established a unique reputation for quality in this highly competitive market. This is supported by our ISO 9002 certification.

If you need to contact us on any matter whether it be for machines or boxes then please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

Slitter and Creaser Machine

The Hawk slitter/creaser is ideally suited to the economic and rapid preparation of corrugated sheets of any size. With its 5 second set-up time, one-off samples can be quickly and economically produced without the need to break down and set-up large poduction machinery.

Size can be changed with ease and with the addition of creasing tools, you can slit and crease, or simply use the machine as a creaser, using as many tools as you wish.

The Hawk has a variable speed drive to facilitate ease of operation and can be fitted with a motorised back guide, if required.

Versatile and ecnomical, the Hawk compliments the rest of Fyne Packaging range of innovative and economical converting machinery and comes complete with our second-to-none guarantee of fast and attentive service.

Slitter and Creaser Machine


As well as manufacturing machines we also have a healthy sheet plant.

Our range of boxes is almost unlimited as we create made to Measure, from the very popular brown box, white boxes or even boxes of fancy colours. Whatever the colour or size we will make and print them for you.

Fyne Packaging make their boxes in house so no job is too big no job is too small.

See below some ideas of what we can make;

  • Standard cartons – for posting /storing (these would be in single or double wall)
  • Special cartons - for storage or removal(these would be heavy duty)
  • Containers – protecting products /sending abroad or just for transit.
  • Home / office moving kits (these contain a variety of boxes, bubble wrap tape
  • Have 3d boxes all in different colours in the top right hand corner of the page .pilled up makes the page more visual and interesting

The Vulcan Box Making Machine

Imagine having the convenience of creating any size corrugated box you require in matter of minutes. No more bulky stock of made-up boxes taking up valuable warehouse space.

The Vulcan, single pass boxmaker, has been designed due to high demand, by Fyne Packaging's customers, for a reliable short run box maker that takes just a few seconds to set and can run without previous experience in box making. The machine is computer-controlled, all you need to do is enter the box size you want to make (length, width and depth, plus a bend alliance) and the computer will give you the blank size needed to make your boxes and all the necessary settings.   The Vulcan can produce a box any length 1 meter wide and 1.2 meters deep with speeds over 1,000 boxes per hour.
The Vulcan Box Making Machine

The Hercules Box Maker

Following the overwhelming success of the Harrier with boxmakers and packaging end-users, Fyne Packaging's Hercules box maker is designed for heavier duty uses, being capable of handling corrugated grades up to 400 400 A/A double wall. Like the Harrier, it features Fyne's simple to use and ultra-reliable computer controlled operating system, which enables 15 second set-up times and offers over 33 FEFCO case styles to choose from. Production rates from the Hercules are similar to those of the Harrier.

The Hercules Box Maker

Double Header Slitter

Purpose-designed for the bottling and canning industries, the Victor, from Fyne Packaging, is a guaranteed money-saver!

Any plants that fills and dispatches bottles/cans will be faced with high costs of slip-sheets, which have to be pre-bought in large quantities. The Victor enables you to re-use the trays your bottles/cans arrive in - turning them into perfect layer pads at virtually no cost at all!   Inexpensive and simple to use, the Victor enables users to convert the trays, suiting them for immediate use. There's an extra bonus too, as you are simultaneously cutting-down on the costs of waste-corrugated which you're currently having to pay to discard as refuse.   Designed and manufactured by Fyne Packaging, the UK leading producers of corrugated packaging and converting machinery, you can rely on Victor slitter to give you years of trouble-free, money-saving service.
Double Header Slitter

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