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Here at G and J Metals, we specialise in steel burning for a wide variety of requirements. Our steel burning is suitable for subsidence and fire damage. We will dismantle and recycle all materials leaving the site clear for its next purpose.

Recycling Services

We provide an assortment of steel recycling services in Glasgow and throughout the UK. We have been providing recycling services for over 10 years to both the public and private sectors.

Structural Steel Cutting

We use range of specialist skills and equipment to provide structural steel cutting services. Our structural steel cutting services include full removal of redundant plant and equipment, and full demolition and site clearance services.

Pre-demolition Soft Stripping

We provide an advanced pre-demolition soft stripping service. Our pre-demolition soft stripping service involves removing plasterboard within a property when it is ready to be demolished.

Industrial Boiler Removal Services

We specialise in industrial boiler removal services, regardless of size, quantity and location. Our industrial boiler removal services includes the supply of plant, machinery and qualified manpower for the removal process.

Total Factory Clearance

We provide professional total factory clearance services for business and corporate clients. Our total factory clearance services are suitable for clearing small factories or whole buildings to meet your requirements. 

Scrap Yard Clearance

We provide an impressive scrap yard clearance service. Our scrap yard clearance services include a full contract burning service for cutting of all oversize scrap materials.

Thermic Lancing

We provide high speed thermic lancing to cut through steel in less than three minutes. Our thermic lancing process will cut, pierce and bore holes in most metals. It is often used to quickly remove pins and shafts from housings.

Lift Shaft Removal

Our lift shaft removal services provide safe and efficient dismantling and removal of lifts. Our lift shaft removal includes the removal of machinery from traction lift motor rooms. 

Escalator Removal

We provide expert escalator removal to meet all local legislation and strict Health and Safety guidelines. We provide escalator removal with due consideration shown to other people and the general public on location.

Highly Trained Operatives

Our highly trained operatives carry out all works in accordance with Health and Safety regulations. As highly trained operatives, we pride ourselves in minimal disruption and full consideration for the general public and others on site.

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