G and P Cases Ltd

We are an established manufacturer of plywood cases and related products. We have over 35 years of experience of supplying packaging and plywood cases to many areas of industry. We are specialists in manufacturing plywood cases and other products such as composite cases, pallets and collars.   Other products we manufacture as well as plywood cases include:
  • Nailess cases
  • Plywood battened cases
  • Presentation boxes

Corrugated Cases

Our range and supply of cases is extensive and includes corrugated cases. These corrugated cases, plywood cased and similar products are suitable for both one-trip and reusable.

Products include:

  • Plywood cases - riveted
  • Plywood - battened
  • Softwood and heavy duty - corrugated

Timber Cases

We specialise in timber cases. We manufacture and supply timber cases, cardboard cases and plywood cases using various grades of plywood and softwood.

We have particular expertise in the machining of these materials into component form, using the latest CNC machinery. For timber cases, plywood cases and cardboard cases, we supply an unrivalled array of high quality options.

Export Packing Cases

We also have specialist experience with export packing cases and crates. We supply export packing cases and crates, used for shipping lower volumes or heavy industrial equipment.

As with all of our packaging products, our export packing cases and crates can be designed to have internal fittings or bracing as well as numerous protective linings.

Plywood Battened Cases

We are manufacturers of plywood battened cases. Our design of plywood battened cases sits between riveted and softwood, and as with all cases they are manufactured with two or four way bases.

The battens, while adding strength, are used to nail or screw the panels together. Various types of plywood can be utilised from 5mm plywood through to 18mm OSB. Advice can be given as to the most suitable material to use for any given application or destination.

Nailess Cases

Our supply of nailess cases are from an original design that has been modified and improved upon significantly. These designs are popular where the export department do not have the ability to nail or screw the cases during assembly.

These nailess cases are assembled by locating the tabs on the sleeve with the slotted profile on the lids and bases. They are used extensively in the electronics and mobile phones industry.

Pallets and Collars

We are manufacturers and suppliers of pallets and collars. Both two and four way pallets can be manufactured, but we are more suited to the bespoke market than the volume. Pallets can be manufactured using plywood or softwood.

Pallet collars are ideally suited where a certain amount of reusability is required. They can be manufactured using four or six hinges. The design of the hinge allows the collars to locate to each other when stacked. For all of your needs regarding plywood cases, pallets and collars, contact us now.

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