G and P Technology Co Ltd


G and P Technology Co Ltd are a specialised cable assembly manufacturer with years of knowledge in this field. We can manufacture a range of harnesses for cables through to more complex designs where assemblies are required for larger amounts of cables all according to customer’s specifications.

As we are ISO 9001 certified we adhere to all cable assembly manufacturer specifications.

Some of the products we can manufacture include:

  • Cable Harness Assembly
  • Cable Assembly
  • Wiring Harnesses
  • Wiring Looms

Control Unit, Cabinet and Panel Assembly

G and P Technology Co Ltd can meet all your cabling demands; just let us assemble your electronic or electrical control units and panels, equipment cabinets and any other similar products. Our industry leading services cover all types of industrial systems and consumer goods with internal, external and mains wiring, internal connections to PCB circuit boards, switches and all other components.

Connecting Wires, Leads and Cable Harnesses

We are specialists in the production of single connecting wires and interconnect wiring for all types of electronic and electrical equipment including consumer electronics, computers, commercial and industrial equipment, scientific and automotive products.

Wiring Harnesses

We are specialists in the production of wiring harnesses for all types of electrical and mechanical equipment and consumer goods. For all your bespoke wiring harnesses requirements please don't hesitate to contact and we will be more than happy to help.