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G English Electronics Ltd (GELEC) is a UK agent for Shenzhen Runpeng Precision Hardware Co. Ltd. Runpeng were founded in 2002 and specialise in the manufacture of Zinc & Aluminium Alloy Die-Casting, Stamping, Machining and Mould Production.

GELEC's range of die casting services and investment casting includes:

  • Lost Wax Process
  • Lost Foam Process

They offer a wide range of die casting machining services, including:

  • CNC Machining
  • Lathe Turning
  • Laser/Plasma cutting
  • Sheet Stamping
  • Sheet Forming

GELEC offers a range of finishes as part of their die casting services. They offer the following finishes:

  • Painting
  • Anodising
  • Plate & Passivate
  • Conversion – Coating/Plating
  • Electroplating
  • Powder Coating
  • Brush Finishing
  • Sand/Bead Blasting

LED Cooling Module Distributor

GELEC works closely with SUNON, one of the worlds leading fan manufacturers, and has acted as their agent for over 25 years. GELEC are proud to be a SUNON LED cooling module distributor and present their range of technologically advanced cooling products to the UK.

As a LED cooling module distributor GELEC offers Fan and Heat Sink solutions for 1100 / 2000 / 3000lm LED spot light modules.

SUNON is committed to developing LED energy-saving environmental cooling technology. They offer high-end cooling designs and micro-cooling technology with active cooling module products to produce miniaturized high-power LED lighting.

LED Cooling Module Distributor

Active & Passive Cooling Solutions

GELEC has a wide selection of active & passive cooling solutions, including: AC fans, DC fans, telecommunication products, AC & DC blowers, LED cooling modules and passive cooling solutions.

Their range of active & passive cooling solutions also includes bespoke heat sinks, heat pipes and vapour chambers. All of the aforementioned can be manufactured to customer specifications.

GELEC also has a selection of active & passive cooling solution accessories, such as fan guards, filters and cables.

Active & Passive Cooling Solutions


GELEC specialise in the supply of high quality silicone rubber and polyester membrane keypads. Their keypads are competitively priced and are available with matt or gloss coatings.

Their engineers can provide full technical support from concept through to the production of your keypads.

Their keypads have a long operational life and are available in various styles and sizes. They offer a choice of keystroke/travel actuation or tactile response keypads.  


Plastic Mouldings

GELEC offers a comprehensive range of custom designed plastic mouldings. They offer very competitive tooling charges and unit costs for all of their plastic mouldings.

They strive to achieve a quick turn of around 4/8 weeks from concept through to production. Their factory is BS EN 9002 approved ensuring their customers receive products of the highest quality.

Their range of plastic mouldings includes:

  • ABS mouldings to UL94/V0
  • Nylon moulded parts
  • PC or Acrylic clear windows
  • Video/TV Remotes
  • Alarm system key box/panel
  • Custom Remote Control units
  • Insert moulds & side actions
  • Instrument Cases, enclosures & piece parts
Plastic Mouldings

Speakers, Sounders & Sirens

GELEC has a wide selection of speakers, sounders & sirens. Their speakers can be are used for Telecommunications, Computer, Industrial and General Purpose Audio applications.

They offer speakers in sizes from 13mm manufactured from polyester or paper cone. They have the ability to custom design speakers to meet individual customer specifications.

Their range of sounders & sirens includes:

  • Piezo sirens
  • Piezo ceramic discs
  • SMT Piezo sounders
  • Super thin Piezo elements 
Speakers, Sounders & Sirens

Connectors & Cable Assemblies

GELEC has a comprehensive selection of connectors & cable assemblies, including: audio connectors, DC power sockets, D-Type sockets, I/O connectors, modular connectors and pin headers and terminal blocks.

GELEC can custom manufacture connectors & cable assemblies. They offer a wide selection of termination styles, including:

  • Solder
  • Crimp
  • IDC
  • Micro Pierce
Connectors & Cable Assemblies

CCD Cameras

GELEC offers an extensive range of CCD cameras. Their range includes PCB CCTV cameras and security related components to support security systems.

As well as their standard range of CCD cameras they can provide custom designed PCB layouts and connection options to meet individual customer requirements.

CCD Cameras

Plastic Enclosures

GELEC also has a selection of plastic enclosures available. Their plastic enclosures are suitable for use with electronics, communications, fire fighting apparatus, control panels, terminal boxes and much more.

Their plastic enclosures are manufactured to EN60529 standards and are free from corrosion, compressive properties and insulation.

They can supply their plastic enclosures in a selection sizes and with grey or transparent Poly Carbonate covers. Their plastic enclosures are supplied complete with mounting plate and fixings.

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Plastic Enclosures


GELEC has established its identity as global supplier of high quality, competitively priced components since its formation in 1975. Originally known for Passive Components, the range of products has expanded and now includes: SUNON fans, keypads and rubber products, speakers, sounders, plastic mouldings, and many other products.

They offer a range of services including tooling, rapid prototyping, contract manufacturing and other manufacturing solutions. 

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